Grilled Steak Quesadillas

I love steak quesadillas but I can’t say that I have actually grilled them before. Now that I have grilled them I may never go back to the “old” way. There is just something about that smokey grilled flavor that just puts a regular ole’ quesadilla over the top. Print Grilled Steak Quesadillas Ingredients1 lb … [Read more...]

Easy Cheesy Enchiladas

These cheesy enchiladas are to die for! My mom made them for us last time we were visiting and we devoured them! We decided to make them ourselves and they turned out perfectly. Thanks for the recipe Mom! This is a total repeat! So tasty and EASY! Update: We have made these enchiladas MANY times … [Read more...]

Gold Medal Meatball Sandwiches

I call this recipe “Gold Medal Meatball Sandwiches” because it was inspired by Olympic Gold Medalist, Michael Phelps. My husband and I went to Subway during our move and we saw an ad for the “Michael Phelps Sub” which was just the regular meatball sub with banana peppers and jalapeno. He ordered it and loved … [Read more...]

Devin’s Hawaiian Juicy Lucys

My brother called me the other day telling me that he had just created the best hamburger he has ever had. He was so excited about it, he took a picture and everything. I must say, I was very impressed with both his grilling skills and his picture. Don’t these Hawaiian Juicy Lucy Burgers look … [Read more...]

Rosemary Tri-Tip

This is another one that Beau made for us when we were up in Boise. This Rosemary Tri-Tip was delicious and grilled to perfection! The flavor in this tri-tip is so good, there is no need for steak sauce. Thanks Beau! Print Rosemary Tri-Tip IngredientsMarinade: 2 Tbsp. Whole grain mustard 2 Tbsp. steak sauce (A-1) 2 … [Read more...]

Kansas City Baby Back Ribs

Beau made these Kansas City Baby Back Ribs for us while we were in Boise (he adapted the recipe from the Weber’s Big Book of Grilling… you can find this book on my list of favorite things>>>>). They were deee-licious and the sauce was awesome. Thanks Beau!!! Print Kansas City Baby Back Ribs IngredientsFor the … [Read more...]

Joosie Loosie

We saw this show on the Travel Channel (Man vs. Food to be exact) where they showcased these restaurants both claiming to have the best ‘cheese-filled’ burger. One place calls the burger a “Juicy Lucy” and the other calls it a “Jucy Lucy”… I will go with “Joosie Loosie” so there is no confusion Anyway– … [Read more...]

Supreme Stuffed Calzones

I know I posted a calzone recipe before… but here is a different one (I got the idea from BlogChef). I guess they are pretty similar, they are just prepared a little differently. I like both recipes.. they are both good. Both favorites (Here is the link to my other calzone recipe if you want … [Read more...]