Breakfast Monte Cristos

These aren’t your average Monte Cristos… Breakfast Monte Cristos are SO much better! Try them! They are easy to make and oh so tasty!  This is the most requested breakfast at my house for birthdays and holidays.  The combination of sweet and savory flavors is melt in your mouth amazing.  But, be warned, this is a … [Read more...]

Breakfast Quesadillas

This is a re-do of a post from way back when. We made these again for breakfast this weekend and decided to do a quick update with a new picture. My family LOVES breakfast quesadillas. Much like a breakfast burrito, these are filled with egg, cheese and your favorite breakfast meat (or you can try … [Read more...]

Sriracha Deviled Eggs

I love Sriracha on just about anything and these Sriracha deviled eggs are no exception. Really I am posting this for more of the idea than the recipe… you can add Sriracha to any deviled egg recipe to really ramp up the flavor and add a little bit of heat! I made these Sriracha deviled … [Read more...]

Perfect Easy Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

I don’t know about you, but I judge perfect hard boiled eggs on two things… NO green ring and EASY to peel. It is easier to achieve both of those things than you make think!  The key to making perfect hard boiled eggs on the inside is to not over boil. If the eggs are … [Read more...]

Light Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

I have been eating freezer breakfast sandwiches constantly lately, I am more of a savory breakfast person than sweet.  I love that they are quick and filling and that you can get the light ones now!  The only problem is the light ones are so dang expensive!  So I decided to make my own light … [Read more...]

Omelette in a Bag

We make these EVERY. SINGLE. TIME we go camping. They are SO easy and there is virtually no cleanup. I have all the ingredients prepped before we go camping so we simply wake up and get some water boiling… that’s it. Everyone loves making their omelettes EXACTLY how they want.. and it is fun! The … [Read more...]

California Breakfast Casserole

This California Breakfast Casserole is delicious!!  It is easy to make and will please your breakfast guests of all ages!  We like to top it with sour cream and salsa. Print California Breakfast Casserole Ingredients12 precooked (frozen) breakfast sausage patties, thawed 2-3 sliced tomatoes 2-3 sliced avocados 12 eggs 1 c. milk 1 pkg. frozen … [Read more...]

Elise’s Breakfast Casserole

Thanks for this recipe, Elise! We love this dish! I think we have it for dinner more than we have it for breakfast. Elise’s Breakfast Casserole is a must try! Print Elise’s Breakfast Casserole Ingredients½ lb cooked bacon, ham, or breakfast sausage(or any combination of the 3) chopped veggies (optional. We like to use broccoli … [Read more...]

Easy Egg McMuffins

Easy Egg McMuffins are one of my favorite breakfasts. I made a bunch of these at one time, wrapped them up and put them in the freezer. My husband likes to snag one in the mornings and heat it up for a quick breakfast on-the-go (he will usually put it in the fridge the night … [Read more...]

Ham, Egg, and Cheese Croissant

When we lived in Utah we would frequent Kneaders for breakfast. I would ALWAYS get a ham, egg, and cheese croissant. Now that we no longer live in Utah, we have to try and re-create our favorite local foods. We have made these several times since we have been here. They are so stinkin’ good. … [Read more...]


We love crepes! The best thing about them is that you can enjoy them in so many different ways. If you have a good basic crepe recipe, you have a door to endless possibilities! There are some basic crepe ideas in the recipe but here are a few more ideas for some great crepe fillings: … [Read more...]

Italian Sausage California Omelet

I’m crazy about this Italian Sausage California Omelet, I first had one of these at our favorite breakfast place in San Francisco called Mama’s.  If you are ever in the bay area, it is a must!  But give yourself plenty of time to eat there!  As soon as it opens, no matter then day of … [Read more...]