Loaded Cheesy French Bread

Loaded Cheesy French Bread from FavFamilyRecipes.com This Loaded Cheesy French Bread is the BEST! This is packed full of flavor and the best thing about it is that you can add whatever toppings you want –like a pizza. It is perfectly customizable to your liking.  Just plan to go on a 10-mile run after eating it so you won’t feel quite as guilty… maybe a 15-mile run. Either way… SO worth it! This also freezes GREAT. Just freeze it before baking and it will last you a couple meals. It is the perfect side-dish to the usual rotation-meal spaghetti.

Loaded Cheesy French Bread
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 1 loaf french bread, cut in half lengthwise
  • ½ c. butter, softened (not melted)
  • 2 heaping Tbsp. Mayonnaise (stick with the real stuff, not low-fat)
  • 3 cups Monterey Jack cheese, shredded
  • 1 can olives, sliced
  • 20 slices pepperoni, chopped (again, we like to use turkey pepperoni)
  • 1 c. mushrooms, sliced, then roughly chopped
  • 2-3 green onions, sliced and chopped
  • Any other pizza toppings you like, to taste
  1. In a large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients (except for the bread) using a spatula or wooden spoon.
  2. When everything is mixed together really well, spread the mixture evenly over the bread and bake at 325-degrees for about 20-25 minutes or until cheese is melted and bread is slightly crispy. Cut up into individual slices and serve.
  3. When we made this we froze half of it before baking and saved it for later. It heats up GREAT after it has been frozen!


  1. ooooohhhh! thanks for sharing, this one looks especially delicious. I love recipes I can share with my college kids, they are always looking for yummy easy things.



  2. YUM! We made this the other night during the Olympics at an appetizer party and it was a hit! I made a few changes that I really liked–grape tomatoes, banana peppers, and different cheeses. It was divine!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I've made this recipe so many times and it's soooo good. Thank you so much for the great idea!

  4. Hello, going to make this but it say Garlic Bread and I dont see any garlic in the recipe? I would like to add some but not sure how much?
    Thanks and your recipes are the BOMB…I love them!!!!!!

    • We actually changed the name of it to “French Bread” instead of “Garlic Bread” because there isn’t any garlic in it. Whoops! haha you can sure add some in the mixture though and make it a garlic bread!

  5. Just made this for the first time. It is AMAZING!!!! And so easy to make! Thanks for the recipe!


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