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A bowl of sliced peaches in front of bottles of peaches

Canning Peaches at Home

Canning peaches at home preserves the taste, texture, and quality of fresh peaches. This recipe makes approximately 6 quarts of peaches. Depending on the size of peaches, or if they are halved or sliced, it is possible to get 7 quarts - see notes. A serving is calculated here as 1/2 cup of canned peaches.
Course Canning
Cuisine American
Keyword Canning peaches
Prep Time 45 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Servings 42 servings
Calories 136kcal
Author Linda Edwards


  • 6 Sterilized Glass Quart Canning Jars and Lids (wide-mouth jars are easiest to use)
  • Water Bath Canner
  • Magnetic Lid Wand or Fork



Prepare for Canning

  • Sterilize canning jars by running them through a cycle in the dishwasher.
    Glass jars in the dishwasher to be sterilized for canning peaches
  • Place the canning lids in a pan of warm water and simmer until ready to use.
  • Fill a large pot with hot water and bring it to a boil on the stove.
  • Fill the sink with cold water.
  • In another large pot, combine the 12 cups of water and 6 cups of sugar. Stir to dissolve the sugar and bring to a boil. Remove from heat. Add 1/4 cup Fruit-Fresh and set aside for later.

Prepare the Peaches

  • Carefully place several peaches in the large pot of boiling water. All peaches should be totally covered by water.
    Peaches being boiled in a large pot on the stove
  • Set a timer for one minute. Remove the peaches from the boiling water and place them in the sink filled with cold water.
    Peaches being prepared for peeling in a sink filled with cold water
  • Repeat this process until all the peaches are in the cold water.
  • Add 1 quart of cold water and 1/2 cup of lemon juice to a large bowl.
  • At this point, peeling the peaches should be easy. The peach skins should slide off without even using a knife. If the a peach is less ripe, it may require a little peeling.
    The skin of a fresh peach being skinned with a paring knife
  • Cut the peaches in half or slice them and remove the pits. Place the halved or sliced peaches in the large bowl filled with water and lemon juice. Stir the peaches into the water and lemon juice as you slice them to avoid discoloration.
    Fresh peaches being sliced into a large bowl

Canning the Peaches

  • Place the sterilized jars right side up on a large cookie sheet. This helps keep spills to a minimum.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to each jar.
    Lemon juice is being added to glass jars prepared for canning
  • Pour 1 cup of the light syrup into each jar.
  • Fill each jar with the halved or sliced peaches. Leave 1/2 inch at the top of each jar.
  • Add more syrup to fill the empty spaces between the peaches and to cover the fruit. There should still be 1/2 inch unfilled space at the top of each jar. You will likely have some light syrup left over after filling the jars.
  • It's important to get all of the trapped air bubbles out of the jar before sealing. Slide a clean knife down the inside of the jar in four or five places to release the bubbles.
  • Clean any syrup from the jar rim before placing the heated lids on the jars.
  • Use a magnetic lid wand or fork to carefully remove a canning lid from the simmering water on the stove. Do not dry it or touch the lid with your bare hands. It will be hot and you don't want to contaminate it. Place it directly on the top of the jar as pictured.
    Lids being placed on glass jars filled with peaches for canning
  • Tighten the screw rings firmly on each jar.

Processing the Peaches

  • Fill a water bath canner 1/2 full with warm water.
  • Place the jars on the wire rack and lower the jars into the canner.
    Glass jars filled with peaches in a water bath canner
  • Add more water to cover the jars with 1 inch of water above the jars.
  • Cover with a lid, and watch for it to boil.
  • Once it reaches the boiling point, set a timer for 25 minutes for elevations of 0-1,000 feet (Check exact processing times for your elevation HERE)
  • Reduce the heat to the point where the water is still boiling, but not at a raging boil that makes a sauna in your kitchen and a mess on the stove.
  • When the time is up, remove the jars from the boiling water and let them cool on a counter in a non-drafty area.
  • Once jars have cooled, make sure they have sealed properly and store them in a cool, dark place.
    Several glass bottles filled with peaches that have been canned at home



More peaches can be preserved in a jar when they are sliced. If you want to can the peaches in halves, you will probably need an additional quart jar to can all of the peaches using this recipe.


Calories: 136kcal | Carbohydrates: 35g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 1g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 4mg | Potassium: 210mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 33g | Vitamin A: 354IU | Vitamin C: 9mg | Calcium: 9mg | Iron: 1mg