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Since 2007, our family has been dishing out tried and true recipes for classic, home-cooked food online. We’re your place for more than 1,000 actionable, traditional recipes to serve and celebrate your friends and family.

We know that cooking for others is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. The time you invest from the shopping, to the prep, the cooking and cleanup – it’s a lot, but it’s always worth it. When you make something great, that’s what brings everyone to the table for Sunday dinner, family breakfast, or a slice of pie on the front porch. These are moments that one bite can take you back to. These are times that they’ll always treasure, every time you make them a “favorite family recipe.”

With our recipes, videos, cookbooks, free weekly meal plans, and easy grocery ordering through Amazon Fresh links, we’ve got everything you’ll need. Because when you want to serve the people you love, we know that it’s not just about making food, it’s about making memories.

Favorite Family Recipes Sisters.

A Little About Us

Hey there! We’re Emily, Echo, and Erica,

In 2007, we started Favorite Family Recipes as a way for our own family to share our cherished family recipes with each other. These were the recipes of our grandmothers, our mother, and our aunts. So many of them were carefully kept in an old brown recipe box by our mom. Some were written in pencil, or had splashes of food on them. Some were folded and bent. To us, they were buried treasure, and this blog gave us a way to preserve them for ourselves, our children, and future grandchildren.

Our fondness for family recipes goes back as long as we can remember. Growing up in our family of seven, the homemade dinners we gathered to share each night were not just about the food. Dinnertime was the one time each day all of us were together. And that was always thanks to our mom – the gatherer – who loved us so much that she made this possible nearly every night throughout our childhoods.

Over the past eleven years, what started as a little online family project grew far more than we could have ever imagined. We’ve now published and developed over 1,000 recipes here on blog, we’ve welcomed more than 2 million visitors a month, and we’ve even published a series of cookbooks.

But however much we grow and make, the best part is being there for you. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t get to hear a great food story from you about making one of our recipes.

  • I pleased my kid, finally – he’s such a picky eater!”
  • “I made a beautiful meal for my girlfriend and she was really impressed.”
  • “That pie recipe you shared reminds me so much of my grandmother’s pie! Thank you for the sweet reminder to think of her.”

This is what it’s all about. The same spark that started Favorite Family Recipes is what happens at Sunday dinners, family brunches, and other moments where food helps us celebrate. It’s the time we spend making it – the time we spend eating it together and talking – and the times we are brought back to, when we take a bite of something we truly love to eat.

Here, you’re not going to find personal stories about the latest fashions or our running tips. These are stories we treasure about the food we share and the people it connects us to. This is where you can find quality-tested, classic recipes you can make to delight the people you love.

We’ve been making food and making memories our whole lives. And whether you’re an ace at home-cooking or just giving it a first try, we’re here for you – welcome to the family. 

Favorite Family Recipes has been proudly featured on Fox News, BuzzFeed, Huffpost, Parade Magazine, Bake It Magazine, Grilled Magazine, LDSLiving, BYUtv, Blendtec.com, The Salt Lake Tribune, Good Things Utah, KUTV Fresh Living, Pinners Conference, and KTVB Boise.

Favorite Family Recipes Authors

Echo Blickenstaff in Hawaii


As the oldest sibling of our family, I grew up doing a lot of two things: cooking and babysitting! Now that I have four children of my own, they are the reason I love to cook and bake. While I try to continue our mother’s tradition of having a home-cooked meal on the table every night, what’s been amazing is to see my own children learning their way around the kitchen. It’s incredible teaching them to cook, watching them try new things, and having them take turns making Sunday dinner. This is one reason why Favorite Family Recipes is so special for me. Our blog is my happy place, where nearly every recipe reminds me of someone in my family. I love every memory they call to mind. I also know that every bit of work we pour into the blog is always worth it when a reader feels the same way about what we’ve created.

Echo lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah with her husband, Todd, who works in advertising, and her four kids: two girls and two boys. She deploys her accounting degree as the blog’s resident problem solver. In her time outside the kitchen, Echo loves to get away from the phones and busy schedules and spend quality time with the family. Anywhere’s great – but getting out into nature in the mountains or on the beach – is the best kind of getaway.

A photo of Emily, one of the owners of Favorite Family Recipes


Favorite Family Recipes has gone from just a hobby to full time job that I truly love.  It keeps me more connected with my sisters and has been a big blessing to my own family. Being a part of our blog and cookbook series gives me the freedom and flexibility to be the mother and wife that I want to be, and it also gives me ways to step outside my comfort zone. I’m so grateful for the unique and wonderful opportunities it’s given us to partner with other brands and blogs, to bring you recipes that your family will love too! There’s nothing better for me than hearing from our readers and always being reminded how much food connects us. I get so many great stories from readers like you when a recipe triggers a great memory, or creates one. I love being a part of making that possible, and doing it alongside family at the same time.

Emily lives in Meridian, Idaho, with her husband, Beau, a physician assistant, and her three incredible children: a son and two daughters. Travel is one of her favorite ways to experience new cultures and cuisines, and she has a love for all things Disney.

Erica in the kitchen enjoying chocolate bundt cake


I’ve worn so many different hats in my career – everything from a florist, to a baker, a cartoonist, to a waitress, to a speech therapist, to ultimately a food blogger and business coach! While I’ve had many a professional adventure, nothing compares to the joy of being a mother. I love cooking for my family and documenting all our delicious recipes on the blog. I love answering your questions, creating new recipes, and watching you share and enjoy what you make on your own! It’s also a gift to be able to work on this blog every day, working side by side with my sisters. I know with every recipe we share, we’re helping you cook meals that will bring everyone together – just like the moments we shared as sisters growing up. 

Erica lives in Meridian, Idaho with her husband, Jared, an attorney, and her three beautiful girls. Beyond the world of recipes, she loves traveling and adventuring with everything from kayaking, to cruising, to scuba diving and taking the family along for the thrill ride.

A headshot photo of Kelsey.


As Echo’s oldest daughter, I learned to cook right at home! Not only did she teach me how to cook, but she also showed me that you can tell people you love them with food. I grew up with carefully packed lunches, delicious birthday cakes, and warm cookies and milk after the first day of school. I felt my mom’s love in every bite! I am so grateful that I now get to work alongside my mom and aunts in sharing the love!

Kelsey lives in Washington with her husband, Alex, and two cats, Diana and Nova. Her happy place is in the kitchen listening to an audiobook and trying new recipes. When she’s not in the kitchen you can find her hiking, shopping at Trader Joe’s, or playing Animal Crossing. Her favorite food is pasta and Alex loves when she makes Homemade Oreos.

Other Contributors from Our Family


Elise is a co-author on our cookbooks and has given us so many great recipes for the website! She has been so great to let us run over with a camera when she has a new yummy creation that we want to share on the blog. Elise isn’t what you would call your “typical soccer mom”… along with soccer she is also a die-hard basketball, volleyball and football mom. Elise is our family’s “dessert queen”. When she says she’s baking, we all magically appear at her doorstep. Elise loves spending time with her husband, son and three daughters. She also enjoys traveling (especially to her son’s college football games!), playing volleyball and waterskiing.


Did you know that we have a brother among us? His name is Devin and we adore him. Poor guy, born right smack in the middle of 4 GIRLS! Devin is actually quite the cook himself! He is an expert at grilling, BBQ, Dutch oven and smoking (smoking as in “smoked ribs”). From time to time we will post a recipe of Devin’s so keep on the look-out for them because they are awesome! One thing Devin is known for is his AMAZING Super Bowl parties.


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