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Favorite Family Recipes started out as a way for us four sisters to swap our favorite recipes. Turns out, there were other people who wanted in on our recipes too! We are always happy to share our recipes whether they are recipes that have been passed down through our family, recipes we’ve learned from the families we’ve married into, or new recipes that we’ve created. We take pride in making delicious, home-cooked food that is easy to prepare and that our families will enjoy.
In 2012 we released our first cookbook, a compilation of some of our favorite recipes!  You can find it HERE.


Erica-Erica is the baby of the family. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree is speech therapy. Erica is a fabulous cook with a real knack for figuring out how to make our favorite restaurant entrees and desserts at home.  Erica enjoys travel, biking, hiking, surfing, photography, food, knitting, and most of all being a playful and adventurous Mom to her two beautiful little girls.

Echo- Echo is the big sister of the family. She graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in accounting. She’s very health conscious and is a pro at making “skinny” food taste delicious. Besides being a busy mom of 4 and working as an accountant, Echo enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, watching her boys play sports and listening to her daughters sing.

Emily- Emily definitely has the most refined palate of the sisters. While living in the San Francisco Bay Area, her appreciation and love for food grew to a whole new level. She loves trying fun, new food then re-creating it. If we ever need a good restaurant recommendation, we call her! Emily is the proud mom of three busy children, but in her spare time, she loves traveling, trying out new restaurants, and doing recreational photography.


Elise- Elise is a co-author on our cookbooks and has given us so many great recipes for the website!  She has been so great to let us run over with a camera when she has a new yummy creation that we want to share on the blog.  Elise isn’t what you would call your “typical soccer mom”… along with soccer she is also a die-hard basketball, volleyball and football mom. Elise is our family’s “dessert queen”. When she says she’s baking, we all magically appear at her doorstep. Elise loves spending time with her husband, son and three daughters. She also enjoys traveling (especially to her son’s college football games!), playing volleyball and waterskiing.


Devin Devin- Did you know that we have a brother among us? His name is Devin and we adore him. Poor guy, born right smack in the middle of 4 GIRLS! Devin is actually quite the cook himself! He is an expert at grilling, BBQ, Dutch oven and smoking (smoking as in “smoked ribs”). From time to time we will post a recipe of Devin’s so keep on the look-out for them because they are awesome! One thing Devin is known for is his AMAZING Super Bowl parties. He takes great pride in his “Super Bowl Spread” as he should.. his spread is definitely always more successful than his Cowboys!  😉 (Sorry, Dev, had to throw that one in there)!

FavoriteFamilyFamilyHere is the whole Family, every one of these members has had an influence on the recipes you will find on our site.