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The Bloggers on a beach.

When you hear “Camp Chef” what do you think? Honestly? I was contacted by Camp Chef a couple months ago to come try out their products and my first thought was “Oh, cool, ‘camping supplies’.” I am so glad I was invited to do to this retreat because I learned that Camp Chef is SO MUCH MORE than camping supplies. In fact, I want to have my back patio covered in everything they offer. They have so many great things for outdoor cooking!

The Retreat

The purpose of the retreat was for bloggers to try all of the Camp Chef equipment, hands-on. We actually cooked a lot of the stuff ourselves, which was way awesome. They had everything out and would say “ok, come cook”! I don’t know about you, but I am definitely a “try before buy” kind of person so this kind of thing was right up my alley.

Erica and Natasha making dough.

It was so much fun hanging out with all the other bloggers and cooking on all the fun equipment. I honestly can’t pick a favorite (ok, that is a lie… I totally have a favorite and I will get to that soon). The other bloggers there happened to be some of my favorite bloggers ever. We had Mel, from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, Natasha, from Natasha’s Kitchen and Amber from Dessert Now, Dinner Later. All of these girls are incredible bloggers and even better people. I haven’t met any more down-to-earth bloggers than these three… and I’m not just saying that.

Anyway, we literally spent the entire two days cooking and eating… and it was marvelous. The location of the retreat was at a “glamping” resort in Bear Lake called Conestoga Ranch. This place was awesome. This was my first time glamping and it definitely won’t be my last.

Conestoga Ranch

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I heard we were going “glamping”. When we first got there, we parked at the bottom of the ranch, we parked our cars and the nice workers there picked us up in golf carts and took us up to our tents (they don’t allow cars to go up and down to the tents so you can have a nice, quiet experience while you are there. I actually REALLY appreciated that. No loud cars, RVs… nothing. Literally just crickets).

The Accommodations

A tent with four white beds and a king size bed on the right side.
The inside of a tent with three beds and a dresser.
Two photos with a tent and wooden chairs around the fire.

When I got to my tent I was blown away with how nice it was! These are not your ordinary tents. Inside was a KING-sized bed, 4 twin beds, and a bunk bed. In ONE tent. 8 people can comfortably sleep in these tents and you still have plenty of living space. The space is definitely nice, but the BEST part was the bathroom. Really! There was a full on toilet (with plumbing, mind you.. no having to “go” in a pit with a toilet seat), a shower/bath (with HOT water), and a sink.

Glamping out in the woods.

The tent is also equipped with electricity (so you can plug in your cell phone) and has free Wi-Fi. Not exactly “roughing it”, but trust me, I was totally ok with that! Outside of the tent there was a fire pit with chairs so you can sit around the campfire and roast s’mores and chat. Conestoga Ranch provides all the firewood and s’more kits free of charge. Just call them up and they will bring you whatever you need. Basically you will get the “camping experience” without all the downsides of camping. It is the best of all worlds and SO much fun.


Grilled pizza on a wooden board.

If you are going in a group, they have other campsites with groups of tents, perfect for reunions, work retreats, GIRLS TRIPS.. etc.. oh and did I mention they will provide your food?! They have an incredible restaurant right there on site with the highly acclaimed head chef, Chef Vincent (we called him Vince), who makes some of the best food I have ever eaten (really, everything I had that he made was outstanding). Chef Cassidy is another incredibly talented chef at Conestoga Ranch who literally made us the best pizza I have ever eaten in my life. She calls it the “Green Eggs and Ham” or “Sam I Am” pizza and I have been dreaming about it since.


Anyway… “Glamping”… you have GOT to try it. Conestoga Ranch was kind enough to offer us a great coupon code for 25% off of a mid-week stay! 25%!!!! Use the code: Latesummerdeal when booking for your discount. This is good for ANY unit Sunday-Thursday (Labor Day excluded) until the end of the season.


So as I mentioned before, as we were “glamping” we spent our days cooking up some crazy good food on the Camp Chef equipment. Now I don’t know about you but sometimes I can get intimidated by things like smokers, Dutch ovens, and other seemingly difficult outdoor cooking equipment. After this trip, my mind has changed. You would not believe how EASY this stuff is to use. I really do want to get it all and have it on my back patio so I don’t have to cook inside at all during the summer. They have everything from grills, to cookbooks, to outdoor movie screens! I loved every. single. thing. we used but I am boiling it down to my 3 favorites for you: The Italia Pizza Oven, The Flat-Top Grill, and the Pellet Grill.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Cooking with the camp chef pizza maker.

I have ALWAYS wanted a brick oven in my back yard for cooking pizza. The only problem is that they cost a fortune, they take up a ridiculous amount of space, the are bulky, and not at all portable. The Camp Chef Outdoor Pizza oven solves all of those problems. You can have one of these on your back patio for less than what you would think (even LESS if you use our discount code below) and get perfectly cooked stone-fired pizza without all the bulky-ness of an actual brick oven (you really won’t be able to tell the difference). We had a blast cooking on these and if I had one on my back patio you had better believe we would have pizza all the time (it is also great for cooking fish or even baking)!

Flat Top Grill

Cooking on the camp chef.

If I had this, I would probably never use a skillet again. We were able to cook SO much on this flat top grill, it was ridiculous. We made pancakes, French toast, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, Mongolian BBQ-type bowls, and so much more on this grill. You can literally cook ENTIRE meals using just this once piece of equipment. You can cut and slice on it and it doesn’t hurt it at all. We actually cut up our meat for the cheesesteaks on it as it was cooking and it didn’t leave a scratch. This would be perfect for every day use but also for big outdoor events where you are feeding a ton of people. So so many uses for the Flat Top Grill.

Stainless Deluxe Pellet Grill

Camp chef grill outside.

So you know how I said I had a favorite? Well, this it. Don’t get me wrong, the other things are amazing and I want ALL of them.. but if I could choose ONE thing, this would be it. You can use it as a smoker. You can use it as a grill. You can use it for both. My friend Mel, from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe uses this exclusively as her outdoor grill. She was telling me how she has it on her front porch and uses it all the time… and I believe it. I don’t even know where to begin with all the cool things it does, so you can read more about it HERE.


Now here is the fun part for YOU! A Camp Chef discount code! You can use the code FFR20 for any purchase at for 20% OFF. You can get ANY of the items here and more (if you get the outdoor movie screen, invite me over because seriously, how fun would it be to have a BBQ with a movie screen in your back yard?!)

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