Ris a La Mande (Danish Rice Pudding)

I love Christmas traditions. I love hearing about other peoples’ traditions and I love our own little traditions. Some of our traditions go way back and some have been established within the last few years. Either way, in my opinion, traditions make Christmas time unique extra special and unique for each family. No two Christmases … [Read more...]


Aebleskiver is a delicious Danish treat that my husband introduced to me when we got married. Imagine a cross between a doughnut hole and a pancake. We love having aebleskiver around Christmas time (as do many Danes) but of course you can enjoy it ANY time of year! You will need a good aebleskiver pan to … [Read more...]

Thick and Beefy Danish Goulash

Goulash is something that my husband had a lot of when he was living in Denmark (even though I believe it is a Hungarian dish). Either way, this is kind of an “American-ized” version… this gravy is a little lighter than what they serve in Denmark, but according to him, the taste is pretty similar. … [Read more...]

Rødkål (Danish Red Cabbage)

This is a great side dish for the Frikadeller (click HERE for Frikadeller recipe) or any other Danish recipe really. It is roughly pronounced “roeth kohl”. It is a fun, bright side-dish. It tastes similar to sauerkraut but a little sweeter. You can also serve this with smoked sausage, bratwurst, or pork. Print Rødkål (Red … [Read more...]

Frikadeller (Danish Meatballs)

This recipe and the following two recipes are all recipes my husband brought back from when he lived in Denmark. He always talks about how amazing the food is in Denmark and how he’s dying to go back just so he can eat the food again (and I can’t wait to go with him)! A … [Read more...]