See’s Fudge Recipe – Easy Chocolate Fudge Recipe (less than 20 mins)

4.65 from 136 votes

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This See’s Fudge Recipe is the easiest, most foolproof fudge recipe ever! It never gets grainy and comes out rich and creamy every time.

Fudge squares on a board
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  2. Tips For Making This Fudge Recipe
  3. If the Fudge Doesn’t Set
  4. Frequently Asked Questions About this Fudge Recipe
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  6. Super Easy See’s Fudge Recipe Recipe

This homemade fudge recipe tastes exactly like the real, actual, classic See’s fudge recipe! This recipe came from one of my very best friends, Heidi (actually it is her Mom’s recipe – thanks Sue)! She got this from a See’s employee years ago, and it tastes just like the delicious chocolate mixture that comes from the famous candy shop. To make sure, I made a batch, then went to See’s so I could do a side-by-side comparison. Guess what? Everyone who did a taste comparison (a blind comparison I might add) with me agreed that THIS recipe tasted better! This easy fudge recipe makes beautiful gifts for Christmas or birthdays and is a fun treat to make with your kids.

Ingredients in this Fudge Recipe

This chocolate fudge recipe is the easiest, most foolproof recipe ever. It comes out smooth every time, never grainy. I have tried other recipes that take much longer to prepare and trust me, it is so unnecessary! You really don’t need more than 15 minutes for perfect fudge! Here’s what you need:

  • Milk chocolate – I use two 8 ounce Hershey bars broken into pieces.
  • Semi-sweet chocolate chips – 24 ounces (or two bags). I use the Guittard brand but any of your favorites will work.
  • Butter – melted
  • Marshmallow fluff – one jar (or about 7 ounces)
  • Sugar – yes 4 ½ cups is a lot. But life is all about having little treats, am I right?
  • Evaporated milk – NOT sweetened condensed milk
  • Nuts- completely optional. Chopped walnuts, pecans, almonds, or pistachios all work great with this recipe.
Fudge cut and stacked on a cutting board

Tips For Making This Fudge Recipe

  1. Follow the recipe – This might seem like a no-brainer, but with fudge, you want to be pretty exact. Substitutions do not fare well with this recipe. We have had readers that have swapped ingredients out or left them out, and they have been disappointed with the results.
  2. Stir and scrape the sides when mixing – You want to get all that chocolate melted and smooth. Be sure to use a heavy rubber scraper spatula to help you accomplish this. Make sure to scrape way down to the bottom of the bowl to incorporate it all. Make sure your fudge is completely smooth before pouring it in. You also want to stir until the sheen is gone. It will become thick and harder to stir, which is a good thing!
  3. Use parchment paper – For easy removal of the fudge from the pan, butter the baking dish, lay the parchment paper in, and then butter the parchment paper. Avoid using aluminum foil. It rips easily and can stick to the fudge.
  4. Keep it cool – For this fudge recipe, you will want to keep it in the refrigerator so it keeps its form. Keeping it at room temperature will make the fudge too soft and the texture won’t be right.
  5. Pour it in quickly, then leave it alone – Pour the hot fudge into your prepared pan. Quickly smooth it into an even layer while it’s still hot. It will begin to set fast in the square baking dish and it won’t look as smooth if you keep running your spatula over it. Also, try not to bump your pan after it gets set. It will cause ripples in the fudge (I learned this the hard way). Try to quickly set it somewhere it won’t get bumped or moved until it has cooled enough to put it in the fridge.
  6. Be patient – Wait until the fudge sets before cutting. You will get nice, perfect squares if you wait until it has completely cooled through.
  7. Slice before serving – Again, be patient. For fresh, creamy fudge, cut it just before you serve it. Fudge tends to dry out over time. Cut it into 1-inch squares just before you eat it. If you must cut it earlier, be sure to keep the cut pieces in an airtight container or covered with plastic wrap.
Our See's Fudge Recipe with square fudge pieces arranged in front of it

If the Fudge Doesn’t Set

The reason I love this recipe is because it isn’t as temperamental as other fudge recipes. The reason it doesn’t get grainy is because you don’t cook the chocolate on the stove and that keeps it from getting too hot. Pouring the hot liquid over the chocolate is JUST enough to melt it and get it to the temperature you want without overheating.

That being said, sometimes the hot liquid you pour over it doesn’t get hot enough, causing the fudge to not set properly. You want to make sure you get a nice rolling boil when you heat the sugar and evaporated milk. Make sure you are heating this in a LARGE enough pot because it will bubble up and expand. You WANT this to expand to be a rolling boil so it gets hot enough to pour over your chocolate, otherwise it won’t get up to the right temperature and it won’t set right. Just watch it closely and stir constantly so it doesn’t burn.

Another factor that can cause your fudge to not set is humidity. If it is a very humid day when you make your fudge, it may have difficulty setting.

See's fudge recipe in a pan ready to be cut

Frequently Asked Questions About this Fudge Recipe

Let’s be honest, fudge can be intimidating! Before you get started, here are some questions we are frequently asked that may help ease some of your concerns. You can do it!

Can I use marshmallows instead of marshmallow cream or fluff?

In a word, no. We have had readers try it and they say it doesn’t turn out right. We haven’t tried it before, but I can tell you it won’t be the same. Some say that they have melted marshmallows down or used a recipe to actually make marshmallow fluff, but again, we haven’t tried this so we can’t tell you for sure that it will work. We like to keep things simple and always stick to this original fudge recipe.

Do I need a candy thermometer for this recipe?

No, you don’t. If you follow the directions, a candy thermometer isn’t necessary. Please use a timer!

Can I use a sugar substitute for this recipe?

We don’t recommend using less sugar or using sugar substitutes for this recipe. In fact, we don’t recommend substituting any of the ingredients for anything low-sugar or low-fat. It just won’t set up the way it is supposed to.

Can I freeze fudge?

Yes! This fudge recipe freezes great! Just cut it into squares and wrap in freezer paper and put in a freezer container to freeze. Once frozen, you can transfer to a freezer-safe Ziplock bag. When ready to eat, just thaw in the fridge until soft. I like to thaw it in the fridge overnight.

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Close up of fudge recipe squares

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Fudge squares on a cutting board

Super Easy See’s Fudge Recipe

4.65 from 136 votes
This See’s Fudge Recipe is the easiest, most foolproof fudge recipe ever! It is never gets grainy and comes out perfectly every time.
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Total Time 20 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 48 pieces




  • Combine chocolate bars, chocolate chips, butter, and marshmallow whip in a large mixing bowl. Set aside.
    Ingredients for Chocolate Mixture in a bowl
  • In a large saucepan, combine sugar and evaporated milk. Bring to a rolling boil over medium heat. Stir constantly for 4 minutes.
    Boiling mix for fudge in a pan
  • Pour cooked ingredients over chocolate in mixing bowl in 4 to 6 intervals, stirring constantly until smooth.
    Melted chocolate mix in a bowl
  • Pour into a buttered 9×13 glass baking dish. Cover tightly and refrigerate until hardened (several hours, best if overnight). Keep refrigerated until you serve.
    Fudge in a glass baking pan

Nutrition Information

Calories: 252kcalCarbohydrates: 39gProtein: 2gFat: 11gSaturated Fat: 7gCholesterol: 8mgSodium: 28mgPotassium: 129mgFiber: 2gSugar: 34gVitamin A: 85IUVitamin C: 0.2mgCalcium: 30mgIron: 1.2mg

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  1. 4 stars
    If you dont have a candy thermometer, you can still do this. First time making fudge for me. There is a YouTube video of someone making this recipe, which helped. When you get to the second stage, you can estimate the temperature by the “softball stage” method. Google a video on doing this to fudge. You drop a little in a cup of cold water. If you can scoop it out as a ball that is ball-like and soft, its done. This recipe is very smooth and melts in your mouth but It was a tad too chocolately and sweet for me.

  2. I would suggest you be more careful about claiming a recipe as your own. This recipe was on the Carnation canned milk label back in the 1960s

    1. Thank you for your concern. If you read through the post you will see that we give credit to where we sourced this recipe.

  3. 5 stars
    Made for Christmas and absolutely love the texture, creamy and so wonderfully chocolate! This makes a big batch so there was plenty to share.

  4. 3 stars
    I made this twice and it turn to sugar twice. What a waste. How long do you have to stir when everything is mixed together?

    1. You should only stir until everything is mixed together and smooth. Continuing to stir will cause the fudge to crystalize.

  5. 5 stars
    My dad had this recipe growing up in the 80’s and 90’s and he made it every Christmas and made enough for friends and neighbors and every December neighbors and people at church would ask when he would be stopping by with his Christmas fudge. Well I guess the secret recipe is out, so enjoy, in keeping with tradition I’ve been starting to make this each December as well, it’s that good!

  6. The only Hershey bars I can find are 2.5 oz each. I know I can do the math to get 16 oz, but I was just wondering if there was a certain Hershey bar that was bigger?

  7. ****
    I mixed chips, cream, butter in Kitchen Aid mixer and then poured hot ingredients in.
    Much easier and worked well.
    Just make sure you have mixer on low so hot ingredients don’t splatter.

  8. 5 stars
    i have made this Fudge a few times years ago and it is AWESOME ! Very good and everyone loves it… However i have a Question .. It was a few years ago and I don’t Remember if it is 4 +1/4 cups of Sugar or 4 … 1/4 cups = 1 cup ? Dumb Question i know, sorry i am not a cook…Thank You , John

  9. I discovered this recipe a few years ago. The instructions are detailed and helpful. I have never had the fudge turn out badly. Just a warning though, my local grocery has run out of fluff before TG day for the past 2 years, so start buying your ingredients now!

  10. 2 stars
    I found this fudge to be lacking the typical sweetness of fudge and the creaminess. Yes, I followed the recipe exactly. That being said, it could not be easier to make.

  11. 5 stars
    I’ve been making this fudge recipe for years! It’s my go-to candy recipe when I want deliciously creamy fudge!

  12. 3 stars
    Great concept but too sweet for us. We ended up using one cup of sugar and a teaspoon of salt and the second batch was spot on. We didn’t have fluff so we used large marshmallows melted and it worked well. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Thanks for the Receipe however I was worried re the sweetness so was pleased to see someone post they had too and what they did to cut it down. Great rerceipe though. Many thanks.

  13. I make this fudge every year at Christmas and give it as a small Christmas gift! It’s easy enough to make for sure. Thank you for sharing this recipe. Merry Christmas to all 🎅

  14. Hello to everyone at Favorite Family Recipes

    I have a question for you, it’s my first time in making fudge so I noticed that there is no Vanilla in this recipe, and after looking at other recipes one online I happened to notice it. So my question is, was it a typo and left out by mistake-or, is there no vanilla in your recipe. Either way I’m gonna give it a try and make it.
    Many thanks-
    Jonathan Owens

  15. 4 stars
    This recipe makes a LOT of fudge. Tastes great, smooth and creamy. A couple things, I stirred until my arm gave out and still couldn’t get all the chips to melt completely. And using a 13×9 dish leaves the fudge at least an inch thick, maybe more. Very difficult to cut and have smooth sharp edges. I think if this were poured into two 13×9 dishes it would be just right. Or if possible, halve the recipe.

    1. Milk chocolate doesn’t set up as well as semi sweet, so I can’t recommend that substitution. However, this recipe is very sweet, so I feel like it balances the darker chocolate well.

  16. 5 stars
    This was a huge hit at Easter! Definitely keeping this one and I even used Aldi chips for both types of chicalote and it was perfect!!!

  17. 3 stars
    OK… What am I doing wrong here?
    I’ve attempted to make this twice and the chocolate wouldn’t melt enough to pour into the pan. I did the 4 min rolling boil over medium like in the pics…. I tried my second batch making the temp just a tad higher.
    It still set but it wasn’t all that great tasting.

    1. Huh, that’s so weird! Maybe try breaking the chocolate and butter up into smaller pieces so it melts quicker? Sorry you’re having trouble with the recipe!

      1. Ive made this countless times and have never had a problem. It is the best fudge I have ever had. Love it thanks for the recipe

      2. 5 stars
        I made it first time last night….it turned out great…be sure to follow directions word for word. I agree with possibly cutting butter into smaller chunks.

  18. Question: Do you stir a total of four minutes, or do you stir four minutes after it gets to a roiling boil?

    I wasn’t sure. I stirred to a roiling boil (then altered the instructions as worried the butter wouldn’t melt and tossed the chocolate and butter, etc. into the pan and stirred a couple more minutes).

    I used Guittard 12 oz milk chocolate chips,
    Guittard 12 oz semi sweet choc chips, and Ghiradelli 12 oz semi sweet chocolate chips. It was excellent, my favorite fudge recipe now.

  19. HI I just made this recipe. I was following directions to the tee, when I couldn’t figure out why the milk and sugar weren’t more liquid and coming to a rolling boil. I reread the recipe and I used condensed milk instead of evaporated milk. I quickly put in a can of evaporated milk and it came up to a rolling boil! It now has a touch of a caramel taste, but it added a fantastic richness to the fudge. It set up very nicely and is in the fridge as we speak cooling. I’ll give it overnight to see how it does!

    1. That might mean you are cooking it at too high of a temperature. Try a lower heat! Hope this helps!

      1. You might have done what I did and used condensed milk instead of evaporated, I added a can of evaporated to the mass, it turned liquid and came to a rolling boil within a few minutes. It set up great and is in the fridge for an overnight cooling as we speak!

  20. I’m about to make this– but realized I’m about 2 ounces short of 16oz of milk chocolate– darn husband snacking on the choc chips! Do you think a couple of ounces will make a difference?

  21. I made this two days ago unbelievable how delicious it is my friends and family couldn’t get enough creamy melts in your mouth can’t say enough about it thanks for the recipe I will make this recipe again definitely

        1. You can make your own marshmallow creme with marshmallows! Heat 16 large or 160 miniature marshmallows + 2 teaspoons of corn syrup in the top of a double boiler and stir until the mixture is smooth.

  22. Question: You said to butter the pan prior to pouring in the chocolate, however it appears you place wax paper in the glass pan as well. Does not mention any of this in the recipe. Can you forego the butter and just coat the pan with wax paper, or do you do both. Thank you

    1. You can do any of the three methods: spray with cooking spray, coat with butter, or use wax paper.

  23. 5 stars
    I love this recipe! This was my first attempt at making fudge and I was so happy with it. Many thanks for sharing your recipe so my family and I can enjoy this super yummy, smooth fudge! I’m certain I will be sharing it for years to come.

  24. I just went to the store and bought Hershey’s chocolate bars. I had to buy 4 4.5 ounce bars. You said 2 8 oz bars. Do you mean the small bars with 8 squares?
    It seems like a lot of bars

    1. In the original recipe it is 2 of the giant Hershey bars. It is a lot of chocolate, but it makes enough to fill a 9×13 pan.

  25. Thank you for this recipe. I have two questions. Have you halved the recipe? When you say 2 Hershey’s chocolate bars, do you mean I size they call GIANT? I was picturing 2 regular Hershey bars. Sorry if this is a silly question. Thank you🎄

    1. I haven’t halved the recipe before, but I bet you could! And yes it is 2 of the giant-sized bars.

  26. Seems like more chocolate chips added than most fudge recipes. Is that right? So 24 0z of cc’s is like two bags of chocolate chips then 2 giant bars of hursheys?

  27. Marshmallow creme in a jar wasn’t around when Sees first made fudge! So not the original. I have a 50 year old recipe and marshmallows were used. Maybe originally they didnt even use marshmallows but the soft ball stage which takes a long time to cook and stir but is delious

    1. Yes! I have always used marshmallows; growing up in the 50’s, my mom made it and I have been making it every year since! Still use marshmallows!

    2. i was born in 1955 and have eaten Fluffernutter sandwiches (peanut butter and marshmallow fluff for the uninitiated) as long as I can remember. Marshmallow fluff has been around for a looong time!

  28. 5 stars
    I haven’t tried this recipe yet but I’m going to, soon. I’ve looked at several fudge recipes and this looks like the one! I’d like to add walnut pieces, at what point would I do that?

    1. Mix in the walnuts just before you pour the chocolate fudge mixture into the buttered 9×13 pan to set. You could also add the walnuts just to the top of the fudge after it is poured into the pan. Thank you for asking!

  29. 5 stars
    I just made this fudge today and followed the recipe exactly. It turned out great without any problems! All of the negative comments about various fudge disasters had me worried. However, I had nothing to worry about because I simply followed the recipe as stated and my fudge came out perfectly yummy.

    1. Does the chocolate, butter and marshmallow mixture need to be stirred together prior to adding boiled evaporated milk and sugar?

    1. I’m fixing to use this recipe but can you tell me how many pounds does this make all I can find is 48 squares need to know how many pounds that is plz

  30. I’m getting ready to make this fudge and I’m wondering if it is ok to slightly warm the chocolate and butter via microwave just slightly, not melty, to ensure everything will melt quickly enough to make it to the pan before it starts to set. I can’t rate it yet, sorry :~D

    1. You can, but probably not necessary. This recipe will work great the way it is written. Thank you for asking!

  31. You call for a rolling boil for 4 minutes. What temperature are you trying to obtain ? Same receipt as my grandmother used, but we had to go to a candy thermometer

      1. 5 stars
        This is the best fudge I have ever made. The only thing that I did different is add 1 TBSP of vanilla bean paste. Delicious, smooth, and not grainy at all !! Very easy to make.

      2. 230° is what you cook fudge to. Also if cooked to thermometer temperature it will be room temperature stable when hardened, refrigeration shouldn’t be necessary at all. And I would try making your recipe however I don’t care what you say, it may taste delicious it is NOT I repeat NOT Sees recipe, if there are no eggs in the recipe.

    1. I’ve used this recipe for 40 years always perfect
      5 c sugar
      1 can Evaporated milk
      Bring to a boil stirring constantly until it reaches a boil set timer for 3 min still stirring the entire time
      Remove from heat and stir in
      1 cube butter
      2 cups semi sweet chocolate chips
      1 bag of mini marshmallows 10.5 oz
      Stir until all are totally mixed in and smooth

      Pour into a buttered 11×13 pan (I add my nuts into pan) then pour over fudge let set until cold

      Cut into squares and store in a can or freeze

          1. 5 stars
            Just made this and I agree with Wow! Really more like WOW! Thought my arm was going to fall off but so worth it. Had eggs boiling on the back burner for deviled eggs and poured yhe fudge in the pan and smothef it over. Took the eggs off and turned around and much to my surprise. The fudge was already setting up! It’s in the fridge now for tomorrow which is Christmas Eve. Can’t wait to try it but the spatula sure tastes good! Thanks so much for this recipe. Now my go to fudge recipe! Merry Christmas!

        1. What exactly do you mean when you say, “then pour over fudge”? I’ve never made fudge and it’s a bit confusing when you say to pour into a buttered pan, then pour over fudge…

          1. You pour the boiling sugar/evaporated milk mixture over the chocolate/marshmallows/butter and stir until it is all melted. Once the ingredients are all blended, you pour it into the buttered pan. It may be helpful to watch the video if you are still confused. Thank you for asking!

          2. Ooohhh, now I get it…you were just trying to say that you add your nuts to the buttered pan and once the mixture of all ingredients (hot ingredients poured into room temp ingredients) is melted and smooth, then pour into buttered pan with nuts (should you choose to have nuts in your fudge), right?

    2. Uh oh. I just finished making the fudge and put it in the refrigerator. I missed where it said to stir for 4 minutes in a rolling boil. I took it off the stove once it was in a full boil. Anybody know what that will do to the fudge?

      1. You probably could. I have a recipe that uses condensed milk, chocolate chips and vanilla. Heat in a microwave stir occasionally until melted and smooth.
        That’s pretty much what you’re making when you add that much sugar to evaporated milk and boil it that fast and long.

  32. 5 stars
    Wow – just wow! Easiest and best fudge I have EVER made! Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe. My family is fighting over the pieces!

  33. 5 stars
    By far, the Most Delicious fudge our family has ever tasted!! It is so smooth, so rich. Used 60% dark chocolate this time, gave it a deeper, chocolaty flavor. Will never try another recipe!!!

  34. 5 stars
    This is the sees recipe, it matches my recipe exactly so there is your confirmation. I line my pan with wax paper.

  35. 4 stars
    My Mom always made what she said was a See’s fudge recipe and handed it down to me. It uses 32 jet puffed marshmallows instead of fluff and I don’t have an issue with it. It is just more work because you have to stir the cooked fudge more to melt the marshmallows and get rid of the sheen on the chocolate so it will set.

  36. 5 stars
    Thank You, Thank Ypu, Thank You. I am 77 and my mother used to nakd this See’s Candy when I was growing up. I have never been able to find this recipe, Ever. It was soooooo good and just melted in my mouth. Great memories. Can’t wait to make it. Thsnk You for the different ways to make it also. This is a great Christmas gift. Thank You. Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

  37. I was always told to NEVER make fudge (Or any candy) when it is rainy or highly humid outside. It affects the quality of it and can make it grainy too.

  38. 5 stars
    Tried it exactly according to the instructions and it’s delicious! I’ve never had See’s, so I can’t compare. But my family and I all LOVED it.

  39. I LOVED this recipe! When I was six.

    This is nothing more than the pedestrian, run-of-the-mill chocolate-flavored marshmallow creme ‘fudge’. *urp*

    Nothing special to see here folks. Move along…

    I give it one star(?) because I’m not sure it’ll let me give zero.

    1. So glad you liked it when you were six! If you are not a fan of it anymore you are invited to simply not make it.

    2. 5 stars
      So, it’s not your family’s ‘tradition’ any longer… was one of them also “if you can’t say anything nice…”? Yep, didn’t think so.

    1. It is a lot of chocolate. That’s why it tastes so good! 😉
      Once it is prepared, we cut it in small pieces because it is so rich. A little goes a long way!

      1. Would condensed milk be acceptable in place of the sugar and evaporated milk for this Sees Fudge Copycat recipe..

        1. We haven’t tried it that way so I don’t have a recommendation for amounts but if you try it and have success, please come back and let us know!

        2. The evaporated milk is one of the secrets to smooth fudge. You can use condensed, but 9/10 times it comes out grainy. (This same See’s recipe has been in my family for like 50 years – we’ve had a lot of experience with it!)

  40. 5 stars
    I got great reviews on this. But I changed out some regular chocolate with some dark. So yummy! Thanks for this recipe

  41. 5 stars
    I have never made fudge before. That being said….i made this and followed the directions to the letter and it has received RAVE REVIEWS!!!! My question is….can I make the same recipe with white chocolate to make white fudge? Also, can I use all chocolate chips instead of bars in the same measurements of ounces?

    1. I haven’t tried it that way, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work! Let us know how it turns out!

  42. 4 stars
    Very American, a lot of the ingredients are not available outside the states, which gives you less feedback and readers like me, I mean, where else is one able to find toppings like marshmallow topping, except for in the states! Oh well I’ll move on to others who will cater for all and not just Americans.

  43. My aunt has been using this recipe for years and it’s a favorite….I made it this year and it’s grainy?!?!? What did I do wrong? I moved and am not used to this glass-top stove. Maybe I cooked too long or not long enough?!

    1. If it is grainy, your chocolate is probably too hot. You are probably cooking it a little too long or maybe on too high of a heat? Also, what kind of chocolate chips are you using? That could make a difference too.

    2. No I’ve made that mistake. I didnt get the sugar syrup cooking hot enough. It has to reach 234 degrees or soft ball stage and I read to use only a wooden spoon and not to stir it or stir it constantly. I think it comes down to getting it hot enough adding choc, vanilla, nuts, etc and mixing hard and fast then pouring it to pans quickly,, before it starts to set up and you are forced to disturb the process.

    1. YUM, I love that idea! I would have to experiment with that before I can tell you for sure. I’m not sure if you can substitute the evaporated milk for egg nog or not. That would be the best way I can think of off the top of my head.

      1. All you need to do is substitute white chocolate then add nutmeg 1-2 tsp, and instead of vanilla use rum flavoring

  44. Marshmallow fluff or mini marshmallows, special chocolate chips or the cheaper brand, to much sugar, not the real recipe , Really people can we just make the fudge as written and enjoy! why criticized? If you don’t agree with this recipe find another.
    I will be making this today.

      1. 5 stars
        It turned out perfect! I got so many compliments on it 🙂 I will be making it over and over for the holidays. Thank You

          1. 5 stars
            The best fudge I’ve ever had or made! This will be my go-to recipe in the future. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

          2. This recipe is very similar to the “Original See’s Fudge” recipe which was circulating
            in early 1950s …. from a family friend who was a See’s employee at the See’s home office in Los Angeles/Culver city area….minor differences:

            That recipe called for 1 t vanilla, 2 c nuts (if desired),
            3 bars Bakers Dark Chocolate (1 1/2#)

    1. Looks delicious but every time I have used butter instead of margarine in a fudge recipe the hardened butter pools on top. Have you had this problem with this recipe?

  45. I made this and used a thermometer to get the liquid to 234 (hard ball stage) then i mixed in with other ingredients. I think it came out too thick. I had to spoon it into the pan to cool and the top wasn’t smooth and creamy. Did I cook the milk & sugar too long? It definitely boiled longer than 4 minutes but I didn’t want it too soft after reading a comment about that.

    1. Yes, you boiled it too long. You do not want it to be at hard ball stage at all. If it comes out too soft, you can cover and refrigerate it and that should fix the problem. Sorry it didn’t work out for you!

  46. So you have to keep it refrigerated until it’s served? It’s it hard or soft? We’re having a fund raiser for children’s miracle Network if like to make this!

    1. IT will get harder if you refrigerate it. Room temperature is usually just right but if you think it is TOO soft you can refrigerate. Hope this helps!

    1. You can use any kind of chocolate bar you would like, we just found that the Hershey’s is affordable and it sets up well. Feel free to experiment if you would like!

  47. 5 stars
    Durkee-Mower, the makers of the original marshmallow fluff is credited this recipe. “In 1956 the company collaborated with Nestle in a nationwide ad campaign that won the Promotion-of-the-Year Award. They printed a recipe for fudge in Ladies Home Journal and other magazines. The fudge was quick and easy to make, and included Fluff and Nestle’s Chocolate Bits. The same recipe can still be found on the backs of Fluff labels and in the Recipe Book.”.
    Mrs. See’s began making candy in 1921 including fudge, long before this recipe first appeared. The Brigittine Monks recipe I have is the same and I have a letter from an employee that says it’s authentic (eye Roll!). The likelihood that marshmallow fluff is currently used is slim to none as both candy makers pride themselves on using the finest ingredients. And Fluff ain’t one of them! Nonetheless, this recipe is great and failproof!

  48. Very similar to Mamie Eisenhower’s Million Dollar Fudge that I got 37 years ago from a neighbor, who got it from her mother. Freezes well for 3-6 months. Note: when Kraft changed the ounces in the jar the fudge did start to get grainy.

  49. I cut this recipe out of a newspaper at least 30 years ago and it was labeled See’s Candy fudge. I never used another recipe for fudge again. It is the best, with or without walnuts or pecans. Warning! When serving this make sure you have plenty of recipes written down because you will be asked. You can pull the “secret family recipe” line, but why not let everyone enjoy it as much as you are going to. I’ve had people tell me that they love this fudge when they have never cared for fudge before because it’s so creamy.

    1. 5 stars

  50. 5 stars
    I made this recipe because my Father always loved See’s candy. The fudge turned out so smooth and delicious! I enjoyed making it and thinking of him and the wonderful memories of him sharing a few pieces of his See’s candy with me! Thanks!

  51. I am looking for a fudge recipe that calls for baking choc, choc bits, marshmellow peanut butter, sugar. nuts evaporated milk. Made it for 50 years but lost recipe and do not know the amounts of each to use.

    1. We don’t have a recipe right now that uses all of those ingredients. I will post this on the comments and hopefully another reader will have a recipe for you. We do have a chocolate peanut butter fudge recipe that may be close to what you are looking for:

  52. 5 stars
    Thanks for the recipe! I made this and some peanut butter fudge last night to send off to my husband’s work and to school with the kids for teachers. It turned out great! I’m making more for the ladies at church this weekend. Fantastic recipe…even I didn’t mess it up! 😉

  53. I intend to give this recipe at try. Any recipe that calls for Guittard Chocolate has to be amazing. Thanks for sharing.
    It truly amazes me that fudge is so controversial. If we can’t discuss fudge with civility than we are more serious trouble than I thought.

  54. 5 stars
    Thank you for posting this recipe!! I made this fudge last night and it is OUTSTANDING!!! Easiest recipe to follow and the fudge is so creamy! Thank you!!!

  55. Boy ! Reading all those comments on the do’s and don’ts of making super easy fudge, kind of took the “super easy-fun” out of it. People certainly get persnickety about their candy and how they make it, and that their way is the ONLY way. To tell the truth, there are a million “proper and correct” ways to make this very delicious fudge, because there a million of us out here in this beautiful , wonderful culinary world, who LOVE baking and cooking for family, friends, and loved one, and each one of use have developed our own little way of making it “perfect”, …..ah, at least to ourselves, it’s perfect. Let’s not be critical of others. Let’s all be humble, and most of all kind, and wish each other good luck with their next batch of delicious fudge !
    Cheers to all !!!

  56. I have not found the Hershey’s bars in 8oz only 7oz. I made this just using the 2 bars and my fudge was way too soft. How many squares of another Hershey bar would make 1oz? It has a great taste but I think because I was missing the 2 oz of chocolate is why it was to soft.

    1. If you are adding another 7 oz. bar, I would add maybe 6 squares total. You can certainly add more squares if you think it will harden it up more. If you want it so be a little harder you can add more chocolate chips (if might be cheaper than chocolate bars), or you can reduce the evaporated milk by a little bit. Hope this helps!

    1. You can definitely use dark chocolate instead of milk to make it a darker fudge. We haven’t tried it yet but I am sure it will be fine! Let us know how it turns out!

    1. You are probably safe doing dark chocolate candy bars as well as dark chocolate chips.. if you want it really dark! We haven’t tried it but I think you will be ok. Give it a try and let us know!

  57. Just wanted to let you know that, YES you can use a 10 oz bag of mini marshmallows in this recipe. I have the exact same recipe & have been making my fudge for over 40 years now & have never once had it fail. All my friends and family prefer it this way. Hope this helps someone who can’t get the marshmallow whip you mentioned in their area.

    1. Thank you so much, Patty! I’ve never tried the mini marshmallows in this recipe. I’ll try it and mention it in the recipe as a substitution option.

  58. So, this fudge tastes exactly like the fudge my Meme and I used to make together when I was little. I’ve been trying to make it myself for years and I couldn’t replicate is and she’s too sick to help me…thank you for posting this. It brought back a lot of good childhood memories for me.

  59. I love this recipe and will certainly try it over the one I have used for years and years because occasionally it comes out grainy no matter what you do. I make batches and batches every year for Christmas gifts. I was surprised there was no vanilla in the ingredient list. Gotta try it your way, thank you for sharing this !

    1. Good luck! Be sure to come back and let us know how you like it! If you want to add a little vanilla, you certainly can 🙂

  60. This is my grandmother’s and mother’said recipe. I myself have used this recipe for over 30 years. Is it see’s, highly doubt it but it is an awesome recipe. The only difference iso our recipe was originally titled Million Dollar Fudge.

  61. I have used this recipe since I was a kid!! I found it in a Betty Crocker cookbook that my aunt gave me in the late 50’s. I have found over the years that it is best using Hershey’s chocolate, Nestle’s chocolate chips, and Kraft marshmallow fluff. I also add walnuts!!

  62. Many, many years ago Mamie Eisenhower published her fudge recipe and I’ve made it….very similar…only it uses 12 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips, 12 oz of German chocolate, 1 pint of marshmellow crème, 1 – 2 cups of nuts, and can of condensed milk is added to one stick of butter and 6 cups of sugar and is boiled for 6 minutes. Don’t think Sees varied the recipe much at all. I’ll keeping making Mamie’s; it tastes wonderful.

      1. I been making this for 45 years but last two years it doesn’t get hard and I put it in fridge.I used cookie sheets lined with foil .sprayed with pam

  63. I would like to know if their is something else besides all that sugar maybe real chocolate chips and only 2 cups of sugar

  64. First of all I would like to say thank you for the recipe . I make chocolate fudge , peanut butter, maple walnut fudge and enjoy making it each year . This recipe sounds a lot easier than the one I usually go by . But ladies if you can’t say any thing nice I wouldn’t say any thing . I hope this recipe works for everyone . I personal think the mini marshmallows would work to .

      1. I agree with Brenda. It sounds great and have ingredients to make as soon as I can. But rude comments are not for here. If you don’t want to be nice, then please don’t post. And as far as not sharing a recipe that you rave about, it’s all kinda rude, don’t you think? Thank You for your recipe and for the other ones as well. ; )

        1. Thank you so much, Sharon 🙂 We definitely want this to be a positive place for people to visit and try yummy new recipes!

  65. Do you or anyone have a receipe for fudge made with Splenda? I’m diabetic and would love to find a receipe with Splenda , I tried making fudge with the cocoa , the Splenda literally melted away.

    1. I have a simple recipe I promise works
      1 12 oz pkg. Semi sweet chocolate chips
      1 can sweetened condensed milk
      1 cube real butter
      Melt milk and butter together
      Stir in chocolate chips
      It’s actually very creamy and good. U can c add nuts if u want no need for sugar.. No’s not sees But it’s good

  66. I would love a fudge recipe with less sugar in it as I am a diabetic.
    Any recipes would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  67. I despise marshmallow anything, so would never use this recipe. I have, however, been making a fudge for the last forty years that truly is smooth, not grainy–though I do add nuts to some batches–and it really takes only about ten minutes to make, and another 45 minutes to refrigerate, and it’s ready. Am I going to share the recipe? No, because it was my son’s favorite and he was killed 8 1/2 years ago, and I won’t sully his memory that way. But there are most certainly even better fudge recipes than this “sees” stuff, and far, far easier to make. That is the point I’m making.

    1. I am sorry you lost your son Joyce. But I wouldn’t think publishing your fudge recipe would sully your son’s name. Why not name it after him? ie like “Bill’s favorite fudge” or something like that? That would then honor him to anyone who used the recipe.

    2. I don’t think you would taste the marshmallow. After all, marshmallow is corn syrup, sugar, and gelatin. It’s the texture that makes them marshmallows. There would be no hint of marshmallow texture in fudge. I agree that sharing your recipe wouldn’t be sullying your don’s name- but honoring a cherished memory.

  68. Excited! This looks like my aunt’s recipe that I misplaced quite a few years ago. It truly was the best fudge, ever. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  69. All these recipes are wonderful. I’ve been making see’s fudge for 6 yrs. every year I make 10 or more batches, my family and friends love it. I’ve used different brands of chocolate simi sweet & milk chocolate, it’s all good. Good to know all are making good fudge!!!

  70. I have used a See’s Fudge recipe for years. Mine calls for the mini-marshmallows and butter to be melted together, then fold into the cooked milk and sugar recipe, then pour over the chocolate chips.

    Favorite fudge recipe.

  71. i think I might have done something wrong even though I followed the directions to a tee. The instructions say “pour” it in casserole dish & mine was so thick I had to spoon it in. Also I had too much for a 13×9 pan so I had to split it up between 2 8×8 pans. It’s chilling in the fridge uncovered please let me know what you think.

    1. Hopefully it turned out OK. It gets thick quickly so sometimes you may have to spoon it in. Let me know how it turns out

        1. That is so strange! What elevation are you at? After combining everything it should look smooth and creamy. Maybe it needs to be heated longer?

          1. Your suppose to let it boil 4 mins.. It will be thick if not. Start the 4 minutes when it starts to boil…

    1. I’m not sure… I have never made it that way before. I usually stick to this recipe exactly how it is written. If you try it let us know how it turns out!

  72. You can make marshmallow cream/whip. If you do a web search, there are bunches of recipes. Egg whites, sugar, corn syrup…

  73. This looks so delicious! I can’t wait to try it! I’m a bit of a beginner, so I do have one question: do I have to use a glass baking dish at the end, or could I pour the final product into a metal 9×13 pan and get the same result?

    1. We have always done it in a glass dish, but I am sure you will be fine doing it in a metal dish because you are just letting it cool. It shouldn’t have any affect on it at all.

      1. HI!
        When I make it, I line any dish with tinfoil and don’t bother with the grease part. Once it is set, it lifts out easily. Turn over and lift off tinfoil. Super easy and no cleaning really needed! 🙂

  74. I am so excited to make this! It sounds absolutely amazing! I just have one question. I really like the mint flavored See’s fudge. I know I can just add some mint flavoring or extract, but do you know how much I would add to this recipe?

    1. I haven’t tried it that way.. I would almost say you are better off using mint chips (like the mint chocolate chips) instead of the regular chocolate chips… that way it won’t bee too overpowering. Hope this helps!

  75. This is my mom’s recipe we have made in our family since the 1970’s. I just love adding roughly chopped English walnuts to ours. There is a peanut butter variation also that is just as wonderful & smooth.

    1. Yes, we posted a Peanut Butter Swirl version that is soooooo good! Search “fudge” on our site and you will be able to see it! yum!

      1. I just add peanut butter to the fudge. I do not use butter so the peanut butter takes its place and very good.

  76. Sounds so good! Will definitely be making this for my neighbors this Christmas! Thank you for sharing ????????

        1. I haven’t made it with condensed milk before but I have seen other recipes with it. I am not sure what ratio I would recommend. :/ Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

        2. 1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk in each batch is what I use , And I do not Put marshmallow Fluff in my Fudge unless making Rocky roaf. when you see a See Fudge Recipe with powdered Sugar and 2 Eggs then you have found the real see recipe.

        1. If the particular batch seems too soft, I will put it in the fridge but if the consistency is harder I will keep it out. I can vary depending on the kind of chocolate you use and how warm the room is that you are in

    1. I have cut it into bricks & wrapped it in plastic wrap, then put in airtight container & freeze! Works well! Thaw out in fridge! I also add 1 tsp vanilla!
      I just feel like it brings out the flavor!

      1. I Hope this turns out.. I’ve never seen fudge this thick.. i make goody like 7 different things and fudge was always cut into chunks always had enough fudge.. this is just different I wished I had visualized it better before choosing this 1 cost a lot to make this.. will just have to see. It’s so thick. Never made fudge like this

        1. How thick are you talking? This should be the consistency of a thick cake batter when it is poured into the pan. Did you watch the video that goes along with this recipe above? That should give you an idea of the thickness.

  77. Looks like a great recipe – I have never seen Marshmallow Whip where I live in Cyprus, is there anything I can exchange it with. Many Thanks

    1. You may be able to just use mini marshmallows… But I have never done it that way so I can’t tell you for sure. If you try it, let us know how it turns out

        1. The marshmallow definitely helps with the texture. Never tried it without so I can’t tell you for sure how much it will change the recipe. Hope this helps!

    1. I live in Australia and cannot find the marshmallow whip or fluff.. can you suggest another ingredient please. For me to get some from America the cost is rediculous. Thanks Larissa.

      1. Miniature marshmallows should work in place of marshmallow fluff. Make sure to stir until the marshmallows are completely melted. In other recipes, 2 cups of mini-marshmallows are used in place of 7 oz. of marshmallow fluff.

        1. That is what I would do if the fluff was not available. Works the same but just another step to melt them first. That doesn’t take very long. Don’t cook them just warm enough to melt them in microwave.

          1. Why is it that some people simply can not resist changing every recipe they See? Because when you change it no longer is it the original See’s recipe…. Oh unless that is their nature to be a changer???
            Perhaps changing that one little item or process would actually change the entire chemistry of the recipe…which it does.
            For instance the PROMISE that THIS PARTICULAR recipe is never gritty/or granuly…. could no longer be valid, as when exchanging the miniature marshmallows in place of the Marshmallow Fluff ???? Perhaps that one little substitute would or could, invalidate that smooth silky promis????

          2. The reader asked for an exchange because she couldn’t get fluff where she lives. I don’t think your comment was necessary.

          3. My Mom was making fudge very similar to this before there was marshmallow crème or miniature marshmallows. She used nearly all of an 8 oz package of regular marshmallows, melted in a double boiler and that was the right amount of crème to make the most delicious fudge I have ever tasted. She however put everything in a pan and cooked it all together. Made about 5.5 pounds of fudge. I still make it and it is the most appreciated Christmas gift I give.

          4. Can it only be put into a glass dish??? Is there another different pan you could use, like stainless steel, perhaps???

          5. It doesn’t have to be glass if you use foil or wax paper to line the pan. You could also use a stainless steel pan, just make sure you grease it well with butter or cooking spray. Thanks for asking!

        2. 5 stars
          But after melting the mini marshmallows, whip them with an electric mixer. Then let them cool down a bit before using in the fudge recipe.

        3. 5 stars
          I would add a tablespoon of butter to the marshmallows and melt them in a pan and then add some of the hot sugar liquid and combine before it goes into the chocolate bowl… the problem with marshmallows out of the bag is they have corn starch all over them – fluff doesn’t

          This is close to the Fanny May Fudge recipe that I got years ago

        4. 5 stars
          Wonderful recipe. I added 2 cups of broken walnut pieces because we love nuts😊. I also used parchment paper instead f greasing the pan. That way I can pull the slab right out of the pan and cut it into squares. Thank you for sharing this incredibly delicious recipe!

          1. I wished I had done mine on parchment then pull it out. In just not too sure I hadn’t made a big mistake using this rrecipe cost a lot to make this.. what was your final outcome?

        5. Yes you can use a bag of Minnie marshmallows it works great I’ve been making fudge for over 40 years and I was getting tried of getting the marshmallow fluff out of the jar and experiment and been using small marshmallows in the bag for a few years now.

      2. I have been making See’s fudge for over thirty years, and here’s my copy-cat recipe. It does not contain any marshmallow products. 18 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips
        4 and 1/2 cups granulated sugar
        1/2 cup butter
        1/2 cup margarine
        1 12 oz. can evaporated milk
        1or2 teaspoons vanilla
        Put milk and sugar in large pan, bring to boil and cook for six minutes, pour mixture over chips, butter and margarine, mix a little, then add vanilla. Continue to mix until smooth, add 1 cup of nuts (your choice) if desired. Pour into buttered or lined 9×13 glass dish, cool in refridgerator until set. Cut into size desired and wrap each piece individually (I use plastic) to give for gifts.

          1. It can be 1 Lb. of any kind of milk chocolate candy bar. We have used Symphony and Ghiradelli before and both of those are amazing!

          2. Let’s get real, See’s would never use Hershey’s in their chocolate! People are so gullible !

          3. Of course, you are right. We used Hershey’s (or you can use any other brand of your favorite chocolate chips) because of the cost point. A bag of See’s chocolate chips is $6.50 as compared to $1.99-$2.50 for a bag of chocolate chips at the grocery store.

        1. This message is for Brenda because I don’t want to use marshmallow fluff or cream or marshmallows in my fudge recipe! How many bags of chips do you use in your recipe? Do you add 1pd. of chocolate bar in your recipe also?

        2. This is the real See’s Fudge Recipe. See’s does not use any of the marshmallow crap! I have a certified letter from See’s from over 40 years ago!

          1. I am pretty sure that See’s would never use margarine in their fudge. Margarine is gross and shouldn’t EVER be used in anything. So I am certain that your certified letter from 40 years ago is a fake and you were scammed. Sorry Hun!

        3. That definitely is not the See’s fudge recipe. No one professional would ever use margarine. And yes if you make this recipe and buy fudge from See’s it taste the same.

          1. Jordan, you should read up on the history of marjarine before being so dismissive. We know better today, but for many decades it was supposedly much better for us than “animal fat” butter. Mothers, concerned with their loved one’s health, cooked with and put Parkay on their dinner tables. Look through someone’s recipe box for mid-century recipes and you will find a lot of them call for marjarine and Crisco. They were made from vegetable oils that we thought were a healthier choice. Cheers!

          2. 5 stars
            Wow! Sounds like someone was absent during the “chemistry” portion of their culinary arts class. Margarine is not a butter substitute in baking. It is another ingredient all together. Butter (animal fat) has a larger impact on taste and margarine (vegetable fat) has a larger impact on texture. Mixing the two provides the best result in most baking applications. If you are concerned about making a “healthier choice” just don’t eat fudge.

          3. Jennifer- you can email us at favfamilyrecipes [at] gmail [dot] com and we will do our best to try and figure out what is happening.

        4. The real Recipes has powder Sugar , and also has eggs in it. Most people do not want to use the eggs , and cook them in a double Boiler. Its a few more steps but the taste is see Fudge . The recipe I have came from an Old family recipe Book , And this person had to pay for the Recipe

          1. The recipe that I got from my Mom is called “See’s $300 Fudge” and also has egg in it along with butter, chocolate chips, vanilla and powdered sugar. Everyone who has tried it have LOVED it! Its my fave over the marshmallow creme recipes!

          2. Any chance you would share your recipe. I am writing from Australia. Would love to try it. Chrissie

        5. My recipe, purported to be from a See’s employee, called for a 16 oz can of evaporated milk, and a 12 oz jar of marshmallow creme, (which was the standard size in the 50’s through the early 70’s) no milk chocolate at all, and cooking for 9 minutes. My mother made it from the early 50’s until she severely injured her hand, and then I took over and made it. This recipe always has an amazing back story! 😎. love it!

      3. use small marshmellows about a cup to a cup and half
        or large marshmellows melt and its the same as marshmellow cream

      4. Just melt a package of mini marshmallows. Use a couple of . tablespoons of the butter and stir constantly over low heat until melted.

      5. It is consistent with melted marshmallows. I would assume that if you melted down a bag of them, it would be the same as using marshmallow whip. Hope this helps!

      6. Use mini marshmallows. I’ve had the see’s fudge recipe for 55 years now, and it called for mini marshmallows, not the jar of marshmallow fluff.

      7. I have a real Sees day recipe from the 1950s and I use actual marshmallows and it comes out better than using the canned whip. I also use REAL chocolate like Guittards chocolate instead of Hersey’s to Nestles. I put macadamia nuts in my fudge and it’s to die for. It’s only as good as the ingredients you put in it.

      8. Marshmallow Fluff (or Marshmallow Cream) is literally just an Italian Meringue. Egg whites whipped to soft peaks, then a sugar syrup taken to the soft-ball stage is slowly drizzled in as you whip it to stiff peaks. If you’ve ever made Italian buttercream frosting, its basically that minus the butter!

        Authentic Marshmallow Fluff uses corn syrup in its sugar syrup, but I’ve found a recipe that uses just granulated sugar:

        Of course, the million dollar question is whether or not this behaves the same as the stuff in the jar when it comes to making fudge.

    2. 4 cups of sugar? Really? That is a lot of sugar…talk about sweet..I haven’t tried this recipe. .I wouldn’t use 4 c. Tho.

    3. If I may say I tried fudge the year before this last Christmas and it was a complete disaster so last Christmas I was determined to make good fudge, I was successful at Peanut butter but completely failed again at chocolate so there I was looking at my daughters disappointed face yet another year and thinking this can’t be that hard so what the heck was going on? I was determined to find out what exactly I was doing wrong! So I went on a internet search and this is where I went wrong and this is where the good bakers seem to forget to tell us “newbies” so for all you “newbies” out there take this as the gossipal because I wasted a lot of ingredients last year. After searching and reading several articles I realized that I wasn’t cooking my fudge long enough yeah the 4 minute or 15 minute boil just wasn’t cutting it! after that was a “big fail” I came across an article that said DON’T be cheap and skimp on a candy thermometer! I learned from Paula Deen that fudge should be heated between 234-238 degrees and without a thermometer there is no way in hell that you can know this, at least not a newbie, so off I went to the local grocery store and found a digital one for $14.99 it was the “best” $14.99 I spent and “WALA” just like magic my fudge was perfect! So please experienced bakers you need to tell newbies this, it’s a very very important fact for achieving perfect fudge and also the 15 minutes I’ve never been able to make a batch in that frame time more like 30 to get it up to the temperature that it needs to become fudge, I just wanted to put in my 2cents and save others from my disaster for 2 years

      1. thanks for telling us all this!! those ingredients cost to much to end up with spoon fudge! yea kids this is a new way to eat fudge! heres your spoon!!

      2. I. Colorado we have found that cooking To 228 degrees instead of 234. Altitude and humidity make a difference I. Making candy.

      3. With the sees fudge if done correctly you don’t need thermometer. You add the hot sugar and milk to a bowl full of chips and butter and nuts and vanilla and marshmallow cream You Can’t mess it up! I’ve been making since 7th grade. I’m 60 now.

    4. Yep this is it. Not going to say how I know but I do. One very important ingredient is the chocolate. For over a hundred year Guittard has been making chocolate. The French chocolatier set up shop in San Francisco during the Gold Rush. Sees has always used there chocolate. If you want the recipe to be authentic you will use nuts. But that is up to you.
      One other bit of interesting information. Grandma See’s picture which is on the See’s candy box and the Little House cabin is located in sees Canyon. The Canyon is located just up the road from Avila Beach in San Luis Obispo County. In the fall this Canyon produces some of the most outrageous apples in the world. If you’re ever around in september/october stop on by somebody can tell you where the house is.

    5. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem. I’ve made 2 batches of this fudge recipe & after pouring into a greased glass pan, it sets up just fine in the refrigerator, but white streaks appear along the top & on the sides of the fudge. The fudge itself is delicious, but the white streaks are distracting, especially when I would like to give the fudge for gifts. What could be the reason for the white streaks. I have followed the recipe to the letter. Anyone? Thank you….

      1. White streaks? That IS strange.. I have never had white streaks show up. Are they something that can be wiped off with a paper towel?

      2. You got water in the chocolate. NEVER get even a drop of water in melting choc.

        And the previous comments about mid-century recipes calling for margarin for health reasons is bunk. Nobody had health concerns then. Oleomargarine is a product of WWII when butterfat (and other fats) were used to make explosives. Parkay was white and originally sold in a plastic pouch with a pill of orange color that you broke and massaged into the margarine to make it look like butter.

        1. Yes. Margarine was heavily advertised as healthy and butter was put down as bad for arteries in the 1960’s-1970’s. Since then, it has been reported that margarine was developed to fatten birds. Now, butter is reported to be healthy again. Healthier? I had not heard about the military use of fats. Interesting!

        2. A walk down memory lane…thanks! As a kid in the early 40’s, my sister and I took turns squeezing the bag and watching the oleo turn yellow…I remember the ‘black outs’ as well when we had heavy dark curtains on the windows and no lights on after sunset, also the books of stamps we used to buy needed items such as coffee or shoes. Hard times but great memories.

      3. if you put your chocolate in fridge before using it , it will make your candy look faded, not pretty. I learned it by putting my almond choc. in fridge. The next day day my peanut clusters looked awful. and I wanted to give some as gifts.

      4. It has to do with refrigerating it, the cocoa butter turns gray. Fudge shops do not refrigerate, just set in a cooler placè. Any chocolate will turn gray if refrigeŕated.