Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies are a combination of chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies. Two amazing cookies made into one!

A plate of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk to the side

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

This Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe is the perfect combination of my two favorite cookies. They are rich with peanut butter and have just the right amount of chocolate chips to get a chocolatey taste in every bite. These cookies have a soft, chewy texture and they freeze very well. The recipe makes a big batch of cookies, about 6 to 7 dozen, depending on the size of cookies. I usually freeze half of the cookies in an airtight container or heavy-duty freezer bag to use later — but, beware, these cookies are so good even when they are frozen that they need to be hidden way in the back of the freezer or they will disappear! This recipe comes from my cousin, Angela. She brought them to a family reunion several years ago and she was kind enough to share the recipe. They have been a favorite of mine ever since.

More than one way to enjoy chocolate

I’ve tried this recipe with a variety of flavors of baking chips. They are also very good with milk chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips — or a combination of any or all of these. However, I find I usually go back to the semi-sweet chocolate chips. I think the less sweet chocolate goes best with peanut butter.

Altitude adjustments

The recipe only calls for 2 cups flour, which might seem like an insufficient amount. However, the peanut butter works to thicken the cookie dough too. However, you may need to adjust the flour based on your altitude and how flat or full you like your cookies. If you’re unsure, bake a couple and then add ¼ to ½ cups additional flour until you find the right mix for your location.

More great cookies

Although I have everything I need in life with the peanut butter/chocolate combination, there are so many other great cookie recipes to try. Here are few you won’t want to miss:

How to make Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

A plate of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk to the side

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

4.86 from 7 votes
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies are a combination of chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies. Two amazing cookies made into one!
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 8 mins
Total Time 18 mins
Course cookies, Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 72 cookies



  • See recipe notes for low altitude baking.
  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  • In a large bowl or mixer, cream sugar, brown sugar, butter and peanut butter together until well blended.
  • Add vanilla and eggs and mix well.
  • In a separate bowl, whisk flour*, baking powder, salt, and baking soda together.  Gradually mix into the wet ingredients.
  • Stir in chocolate chips.
  • Spoon dough onto an ungreased cookie sheet and bake for 8 minutes or until lightly browned.


*For low altitudes you may need to add 1/4-½ cup MORE flour.

Nutrition Information

Calories: 110kcalCarbohydrates: 12gProtein: 2gFat: 6gSaturated Fat: 3gCholesterol: 12mgSodium: 93mgPotassium: 76mgFiber: 1gSugar: 8gVitamin A: 90IUCalcium: 15mgIron: 0.6mg

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  1. 5 stars
    These cookies are a perfect comfort food, absolutely delicious! I agree about adding extra flour. I live in Phoenix, and the cookies definitely flattened out.

  2. 4 stars
    Well, the cookies are delicious, but I think you should say right at the start in the recipe/ingredients that the amount of flour should be 2 cups(for higher altitudes) and 1/4-1/2 cup MORE if you do not live at a higher altitude. I live in Minnesota and I mixed the cookies as indicated using 2 cups of flour. I was skeptical about the amount, but since there was no mention of these being made at a higher altitude, or the possibility of needing more than the 2 cups, I mixed and baked a test cookie(I’m always paranoid). The cookie turned out flat like some other bakers have mentioned happened for them. I read you comment to one of these woman then about adding 1/4-1/2 more flour if one doesn’t live at a high altitude. I added 1/4 cup and tried another test cookie. Voila! The cookie looked just like those in your photo.

    1. Thank you for this comment! I will add a note in the instructions. Thanks for catching that 😀

  3. 5 stars
    Just made these and they turned out amazing! My recommendation is to let the dough chill for at least 3 hours-overnight before baking them. It gives the ingredients time to come back together so the cookies don’t flatten completely while baking!

  4. 5 stars
    I made these for Christmas and they were a hit. So addictive, too; I’m down to just three cookies left and thinking about making more. I used milk chocolate chips and plan to add a cup of chopped, roasted peanuts for my next batch. Most importantly, be sure to use unsalted butter. The dough texture is firm enough to use for peanut butter cookies and the peanut butter taste really comes through, so I’m also going to try this as a dough for peanut butter cookies and add chopped peanuts. Thank you for a really great recipe.

    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked it. Please let me know how the roasted peanuts work when you make the cookies next.

  5. I had the same issue of the cookies spreading and being very flat. They also had a bit of a baking soda aftertaste so I’m thinking that they definitely need more flour! Perhaps chilling the cookie dough for an hour or so before baking may also help them retain their shape.

  6. 5 stars
    Made these following the recipe but with one change
    I only used 1/2 C butter. Delish. Thank you.

  7. I made these for the first time today. They are great! I halved the recipe and ended up with 2 dozen BIG cookies. I also used GF flour (from Aldi in Australia) and they still worked really well. I also had the similar experience of having flatter cookies as I live at sea level but I like flat, chewy cookies. Great recipe.

  8. I usually use all natural peanut butter. Should I add a little extra oil if I use that? Or is it better to use a peanut butter like Jif?

    1. I’ve never used natural peanut butter in this recipe, so maybe adding extra oil would be a good idea. I wouldn’t add too much though because there is already 1 cup of butter, maybe just 1 Tbsp. I’ve always used regular peanut butter. It’s also a little less expensive. Good luck!

      1. This recipe is great, cookies are delicious! I want to make them a head of time for a cookie swap. How long with they keep? Should they be refrigerated or they can be frozen after baking?
        Thanks again

        1. You can freeze them after baking! If you store them in an airtight container they should be good for up to 6 weeks!

  9. Tried the recipe today as this combo is a family fav also. However, my dough was very soft and cookies spread flat in oven. Followed recipe exactly, but do not look like your pic! Ideas??

    1. It could be the difference in altitude. I live at a higher altitude and so less flour is required. I would try adding 1/4 to 1/2 cup flour next time and your cookies should turn out much better.

    2. 5 stars
      I did too but I did it my own way before like a different way and it was soft and sweet as ever I love this recipe but sometimes you can switch it up a few and it will be way sweeter than you think it will be I tried a few times trying to make cookies and it never worked but now I know how to make peanut butter cookies sweet as ever let me know when you want to try my way of a difference with this recipe I don’t know I haven’t done it yet but I know in peanut butter cookies you can actually put as much peanut butter as you want but me I put like 2 cups of sugar, 2 cups of brown sugar, 1 cup of butter softened, 2 cups of peanut butter, 2 tsp of vanilla, 2 eggs, 2 cups of flour or 1 cup, 2 tsp of baking powder, 1/2 tsp of salt, 2 tsp of baking soda, and 3 cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips.

      1. Ashley, I love it that you are so passionate about this. I appreciated the information regarding your experimentation because it seems you have put in many kitchen hours, but I am BEGGING you to use punctuation next time.

  10. I love peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I should give this recipe a try! YUM!