Easiest Crab Salad Recipe (and 6 ways to enjoy it)

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This Crab Salad recipe is not only easy, it’s versatile. It is the perfect base to make crab dip, crab macaroni salad, crab salad sandwiches, and MORE!

Crab salad on a plate surrounded by other crab recipes

The BEST Crab Salad

This is how we would make crab salad at the restaurant I worked at in Hawaii and it was always a favorite! I love making this crab salad as a quick snack or an easy lunch. You can either have it plain, as a crab dip, as crab macaroni salad, or as a crab salad sandwich. I have had it all three ways and I honestly can’t pick a favorite.

Traditional crab salad on a plate

What is Crab Salad Made Of?

Ironically, most crab salad (including this recipe) isn’t made from actual crab. Most crab salad is made from imitation crab meat (aka “krab meat” or “surimi”). It is more commonly found than actual crab meat and is MUCH cheaper. Imitation crab meat is often found in California rolls or simply eaten on its own as a snack.

Crab salad sandwiches, crab salad in a bowl, and crab salad with pasta in a bowl on a table.

Real Crab vs Imitation Crab Salad

This is a huge debate. Of course if you make this with real crab it is going to taste the best. But have you noticed the price of real crab the past few years? It’s outrageous! It’s really up to you if you want to spend the extra money. We made this crab salad with fresh crab at the Oregon coast last year and it was absolutely delicious! It was just a little spendy. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, imitation crab might be the best way to go.

Crab Salad Ingredients

Some people like to add all sorts of fancy stuff to their crab salad (onions, dill, chopped cucumber, cumin, etc.) but, I like my crab salad SUPER simple. Not to say that the above mentioned add-ins are bad, they just alter the taste too much in my opinion. If you feel like adding any extras, feel free. As mentioned above, we would serve this is the restaurant I worked at in Hawaii and it was always a crowd favorite. Everyone wanted to know the secret to why it was so good, and really, there was no secret at all! It is the easiest, most simple crab salad recipe ever.

A package of imitation crab, celery, and a jar of mayonnaise

Crab Salad Recipe (Plain)

This recipe is great just as-is. When serving plain, you can serve on lettuce leaves or individual glass dishes (Martini glasses are really pretty if you want to be fancy with it). You can easily dress this recipe up or down depending on what you are serving. This crab salad recipe can also be used as a dip on crackers, along with pasta in a pasta salad, or as a delicious sandwich filling.

Traditional crab salad on a black plate with lemons and parsley

Neptune Crab Salad

Simply put, Neptune salad is another term for “crab salad”. Some may argue that Neptune salad is more complex than a simple crab salad and more of a “seafood salad”. Others may say that any kind of crab salad qualifies as “Neptune salad”. It really depends on what region of the country you are in. If you want to make a more complex crab salad (or “Neptune Salad”), make the recipe below and then add any or all of the following:

  • hard boiled egg, sliced
  • peas
  • pickles, sweet or dill, chopped
  • shredded carrot, to taste
  • green onions
  • red onion, chopped
  • old bay seasoning, to taste
  • paprika, to taste

You can serve Neptune salad tossed with spiral pasta or it can be served on a bed of lettuce. 

Crab Salad Dip

I LOVE crab salad as a dip. If you are making it as a dip you will want to chop the crab up into smaller pieces (so it can fit on a cracker). One really easy way to do this is to chop the crab in a food processor or blender. We like serving it with club crackers or Ritz crackers. We also like using the whole-grain “Food Should Taste Good” chips that you can get at Costco.

Crab salad dip on a plate with crackers

Crab Pasta Salad

This is much like our Hawaiian Macaroni Salad recipe. You can either make our Hawaiian Macaroni Salad and add imitation crab meat OR you can make this recipe and add a cup or two of cooked your favorite shaped pasta. This is a great side dish for potlucks or neighborhood BBQs. It is also a great side-dish for simple weeknight meals to serve along with sandwiches, wraps, or burgers.

Crab pasta salad in a bowl with a spoon

Crab Salad Sandwiches

Crab salad sandwiches are a great alternative to tuna sandwiches. I love serving the crab salad on Hawaiian rolls because they are so soft and slightly sweet. You can also serve your crab salad on a hoagie roll, hero roll, or even on a croissant. These are great for quick lunches, snacks, or even as appetizers.

Three crab salad sandwiches on a plate

Crab Salad Stuffed Avocado

For a high-protein option, you can serve your crab salad stuffed in an avocado. Halve an avocado, remove the seed, and place the crab in the hole where the seed was. Add a little salt and pepper for flavor and enjoy!

An avocado half stuffed with crab salad

Crab Salad Cucumber Boats

Another low-calorie, high-protein option is to serve your crab salad in a cucumber boat! Peel the cucumbers, cut lengthwise, and scoop out the center. Place the crab down the middle and top with sriracha, spicy mayo, and furikake or sesame seeds. You will be surprised how much flavor is in these little boats!

Cucumber boats stuffed with crab salad and topped with sriracha

Storing Leftover Crab Salad

Store leftover crab salad in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 3-5 days. Because mayonnaise is used in this recipe, freezing crab salad isn’t recommended. It just won’t taste good after it thaws.

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What is crab salad in sushi made of?

Crab salad in sushi is often made the same way as described in our recipe below. Sometimes it is chopped up more for easier rolling. Sometimes only the crab sticks are used.

What vegetable goes well with crab?

Celery and shallots are the most common vegetables that go with crab salad. Though technically fruits, avocado and cucumber also go well with crab salad.

What is imitation crab made of?

Most imitation crab is made from pollock or other white fish.

More Recipes with Crab and Shellfish

Can’t get enough crab and seafood? Try some of these other delicious recipes:

Crab salad on a plate surrounded by other crab recipes

Easiest Crab Salad Recipe (3 ways to enjoy it)

4.85 from 39 votes
This Crab Salad recipe is not only easy, it's versatile. It is the perfect base to make crab dip, crab macaroni salad, and crab salad sandwiches!
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 0 mins
Total Time 10 mins
Course Salad
Cuisine Seafood
Servings 8




  • Break imitation crab meat into small pieces with hands, or coarsely chop with a knife. You can also coarsely chop in a blender or food processor.
    Crab meat pieces in a blender
  • Finely chop the celery. This gives the crab salad a little crunch, but not too much. Toss crab, celery, salt, and pepper together in a large bowl.
    Imitation crab in a bowl with mayonnaise and celery
  • Stir in mayonnaise and lemon until crab is evenly coated.
    Crab and celery in a bowl mixed with mayonnaise

For Crab Dip:

  • Chop the crab into smaller pieces and prepare as directed above. Serve with chips, club crackers, or Ritz crackers.
    Crab salad dip on a plate with crackers

For Crab Pasta Salad:

  • Add 2-3 cups of cooked and cooled shaped pasta. Stir until well mixed
    Crab pasta salad in a bowl with a spoon

For Crab Salad Sandwiches/Sliders:

  • Place crab salad on Hawaiian-style rolls and serve!
    Three crab salad sandwiches on a plate

For Crab Stuffed Avocado

  • Slice an avocado in half and remove the seed. Place crab in the hole from the seed. Season with pepper.
    An avocado half stuffed with crab salad

For Crab Cucumber Boats

  • Peel and slice a cucumber. Scoop out seeds and replace with crab. Top with Sriracha, spicy mayo, and furikake or sesame seeds.
    Cucumber boats stuffed with crab salad and topped with sriracha

Nutrition Information

Calories: 207kcalCarbohydrates: 1gProtein: 16gFat: 15gSaturated Fat: 2gCholesterol: 44mgSodium: 844mgPotassium: 199mgFiber: 1gSugar: 1gVitamin A: 80IUVitamin C: 6.5mgCalcium: 45mgIron: 0.5mg

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  1. 5 stars
    Made this by tripling recipe and adding the pasta to feed 50 at a wine tasting dinner. I added Old Bay and used gluten free pasta! Huge hit!

  2. 5 stars
    PHENOMENALLY WELL DONE!!, These are easy to follow and generally 1 main base will have several variations.. Thanks for GREAT recipes

  3. The Crab looks good and I just cracked open a fresh one. 20 hrs. from sea to me!

    What’s up with my latest recipes vid-window?
    it shows about 20 seconds, then goes to a commercial but never comes back to the video and goes onto something different?

  4. Made it…very simple and tasty. I use an old fashioned potato masher to mix. My only gripe is NEVER SAY SALT AND PEPPER TO TASTE. Not everyone has a great sense of smell/taste and I know your restaurant used specific amounts. I had to find other recipes to approximate the s&p.

  5. 5 stars
    I love crab salad. This recipe is awesome. The only thing I change is not salt & pepper but old bay seasoning. I also rehydrate dried roasted onions instead of celery. And yes real crab is best. You can buy it in a can already out of its shell. Blue crab is sweet and awesome and can be purchased on sale for $9.99 1 pound crab meat. Works so well together.

  6. 5 stars
    I have read the comments and I just want to say, I’m real happy for those who can afford to use real crab in a salad. Personally I can’t and when I do purchase real crab I want to dip it in drawn butter like lobster. This recipe is wonderful and if no one told me I wouldn’t even know it was imitation. It’s so good and I don’t have to feel guilty over what I spent and can still afford to eat the next day.

  7. This is my Mom’s crab salad recipe.
    1 lb. box pasta, corkscrew or shells
    1 lb. Imitation crab meat flaked
    1 lb. bacon, cooked and crumbled
    1 large bottlel of Hidden Valley ranch dressing
    1 medium onion chopped fine
    a little shredded carrot for color
    Mix all together and chill.

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