Thanksgiving Leftover Pilgrim Sandwich

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This Pilgrim Sandwich is a delicious way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers. All the best parts of the big meal piled onto a sweet and savory sandwich.

Thanksgiving Leftover Pilgrim Sandwich on a plate with potato chips.
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This Pilgrim Sandwich is one of the best things about Thanksgiving! Sometimes, I look forward to the leftovers more than to the actual meal. Usually, we eat leftovers for a couple of days, but I like to switch it up so we don’t get tired of eating the same things.

This delicious combination of sweet cranberry sauce, savory stuffing, and all the other fixings are what makes this sandwich so irresistible. It’s the perfect lunch to serve the next day when you still have lots of families over and you need a way to use up all that leftover turkey. Add an apple with some chips and you have a complete meal!

A pilgrim sandwich served on a red plate.

Thanksgiving Recipes

If you need to start back with the Thanksgiving menu plan, you are in luck! We have some amazing Thanksgiving recipes all compiled into one post. This post has everything you need from appetizers, to the main course, to pies! It’s our best of the best for the big day!

If you are wanting or needing to plan a lower-calorie Thanksgiving dinner, we have some delicious recipes for that as well. You can find them all in our Low-Calorie Thanksgiving Dinner post.

Ingredients Needed for the Perfect Pilgrim Sandwich

Thanksgiving dinner is one of the best meals all year long. We love to create these hearty pilgrim sandwiches to help use up all the delicious leftover ingredients. And, it is so simple to make and the flavor combination is amazing!

  • Cranberry Pistachio Hearth Bread – We found this bread from Kneaders Bakery and Cafe. It is the best bread for this sandwich! It is not only a delicious bread with chewy cranberries and crunchy pistachios, but it is also colorful and hearty.
  • Cream cheese – Soften the cream cheese before spreading on the bottom slice of the bread. I like to spread a thick layer of cream cheese on the roll. It makes the sandwich nice and moist, and the flavor combined with the cranberry sauce gives it a sweet, creamy flavor. So yum!
  • Cranberry sauce – We have a few options that we love for cranberry sauce to try like these orange, raspberry cranberry sauces, or a low sugar cranberry sauce.
  • Turkey – This is the main ingredient in the sandwich! Now, making a turkey is easy with step-by-step instructions.
  • Stuffing – Homemade stuffing is best! Try this cranberry sausage stuffing, a classic stuffing, or even gluten- free!
  • Cheese – Provolone blends well with these flavors, but use what is your favorite sandwich cheese. For example, I like white cheddar cheese best!
  • Lettuce – Romaine lettuce pulled apart and washed before adding to the turkey sandwich.
  • Mayonnaise – We are regular mayo lovers through and through! But, if you prefer miracle whip, that will work too!
  • Salt and pepper – Just enough to season the sandwich ingredients.

Tips and Variations

  • Bread – If you don’t have a Kneaders Bakery close by, you can also use Kaiser rolls because they’re big and soft, yet sturdy enough to pile ingredients high. Although, a crusty hoagie, ciabatta rolls, or whole wheat bread will work great for this pilgrim sandwich recipe as well.
  • Cream cheese – Butter is a great substitute for cream cheese if you are not a fan.
  • Turkey – Add in fresh, thick, deli-sliced, roast turkey breast slices, hand-sliced rotisserie turkey breast, or leftover sliced turkey meat. Any fresh turkey will taste delicious!
  • Cheese – Switch out the cheese or add more! I like to put two slices of cheese on my pilgrim sandwich. One slice of cheese on each side of the bread. This locks in the sandwich and holds it from falling apart.
  • Hot or cold – Make your sandwich either a hot sandwich or a cold one! Grill it on a griddle or large skillet on medium-high heat until the cheese melts. Cook it on a baking sheet in the middle of the oven rack, or just warm up the turkey in the microwave for a warmer temperature sandwich.
  • More toppings – Add your favorite sandwich toppings to make this pilgrim sandwich more complete. Slice up a tomato, pickle, and a small onion or red onion for extra flavor!
  • Extra Thanksgiving – You can even add a layer of mashed potatoes and some gravy to this sandwich.
An open faced view of a pilgrim sandwich

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in a Pilgrim sandwich?

This is a fun way to eat the last Thanksgiving dinner. A pilgrim sandwich has turkey, cheese, cream cheese, lettuce, and cranberry sauce as the main ingredients. Add in more of your favorite sandwich toppings for the ultimate pilgrim sandwich.

Can I double this recipe?

Yes! Add in another sandwich or two and feed the crowd with this delicious leftover dinner!

How do you store Pilgrim sandwiches?

This is a great question! It is hard to store leftover pilgrim sandwiches. You can either have them pre-made or assemble them when it is time to eat them.

How do you make a warm pilgrim sandwich?

Place the sandwich on a pan and either broil it in the oven using the broiler, or, use the stove top or griddle. Before starting, use about a tablespoon of butter to spread on the outside of the bread. This will give the bread a golden brown color and a crisp-tender outside as well as lock in more flavor.

More Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

If you are looking for some other ideas to use up those leftovers, another one of our favorites is our Thanksgiving Casserole. Turkey, cornbread stuffing, and a cup whole-berry cranberry sauce are just the sides you need to help make this pilgrim sandwich even better! Turkey leftovers can also be used in place of chicken in many soups and casseroles.

Pilgrim sandwich with cranberry bread

Pilgrim Sandwich

5 from 2 votes
This Pilgrim Sandwich is a delicious way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers. All the best parts of the big meal piled onto a sweet and savory sandwich.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Lunch
Cuisine American
Servings 1 sandwich



  • Spread cream cheese on the bottom slice. 
  • Add a spoonful of cranberry on top of the cream cheese. 
  • Top with turkey, leftover stuffing, provolone, and lettuce. 
  • Spread some mayonnaise on the top half of the roll, then sandwich it together!


How do you store pilgrim sandwich

Ideally, you want to serve the sandwiches as soon as they are freshly made. But, if you have leftovers, wrap the sandwich with plastic wrap and keep in fridge. Serve within a day. 

Nutrition Information

Calories: 552kcalCarbohydrates: 48gProtein: 21gFat: 31gSaturated Fat: 11gCholesterol: 63mgSodium: 909mgPotassium: 202mgFiber: 3gSugar: 16gVitamin A: 598IUCalcium: 372mgIron: 3mg

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