35+ Brunch Ideas


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Who doesn’t love a little bit of breakfast and lunch pulled together into one gorgeous brunch? Whether you’re making a huge holiday spread or a more intimate meal, we have you covered with 35+ brunch ideas for any gathering.

A wide collage of ideas for brunch

35+ Brunch Ideas

When planning a special brunch, the options are endless, so give a little thought into what kind of spread you’d like to have. There’s quite literally something for everyone. A crepe station with sweet and savory toppings? Or a pan of gooey homemade cinnamon rolls? How about a make-ahead breakfast casserole to keep things simple? Or a few signature brunch cocktails?

When planning out your brunch menu, consider your guests and their dietary needs, along with what seasonal ingredients that you can incorporate into your meal. A Mother’s Day or Easter brunch with lots of fresh produce and lighter faire and may look different than a Christmas brunch with heavier, richer dishes. How much time do you have? Can you make items ahead of time? And what does your budget look like? We have gathered our favorite, time honored recipes into this one post to make planning your next brunch a piece of cake!

What is a brunch?

Brunch just might be one of our favorite meals. Because it technically spans breakfast AND lunch, it’s a meal that can be lingered over for hours, while guests relax with good company, beautiful dishes and refreshing drinks. Brunch is a time where you can indulge in sweet treats while also devouring healthier options. 

A brunch spread is ideal when hosting a large group, like for an engagement party, baby shower or a special birthday. But it’s also easy to pare down when you’re looking to make an ordinary weekend a little more special. A simple, weekend brunch at home can be just the thing to refresh your most treasured relationships. Add a bit of sweet indulgences with savory dishes, and truly anything goes!

What do you put on a brunch buffet?

Brunch is one of our favorite ways to entertain large crowds because there’s something for everyone! You can have one classic dish, like an omelet station, with lots of sides and drinks to complement. Or serve several breakfast casseroles, a spinach frittata, pancakes with maple syrup, a variety of breakfast potatoes, fresh fruit, blueberry muffins, or banana bread to give guests more options. Turn it into a potluck party, and ask your guests to each bring their favorite recipes. When rolling out a beautiful brunch buffet table, consider the time of year. Springtime just begs for a few fresh bouquets of flowers in the center of the table; a winter brunch could be decorated with candles, pine cones or poinsettia plants. Also, allow for space for plates, glasses, utensils and napkins on one end. 

Brunch Casseroles 

Brunch casseroles are the perfect place to start when planning out your menu. They can be made ahead of time and frozen so you can just pop them in the oven and warm them up in time for the meal. They’re easy to serve, and guests love them! Typical breakfast bakes include timeless classics like ham, eggs, onions, tomato and mozzarella or cheddar cheese. Whether you’re in the mood for something savory or something sweet, here are some of our favorite brunch casseroles.

Sweet Brunch Ideas

Brunch just isn’t complete without a little something sweet! Simple yogurt parfaits are a yummy option along with some decadent baked treats. But instead of the usual cinnamon rolls, brunch is a great time to opt for something a little more unique. Consider some of these sinfully sweet recipes for your next meal and wow your guests with delicious flavors and presentation.

Savory Brunch Ideas

Take traditional breakfast foods like eggs, bacon, sausage and hash browns and elevate them with these super simple, yet scrumptious savory brunch recipes. Serve sweet potatoes instead of regular breakfast potatoes. Sheet pan veggies with carrots, onions, asparagus, and peppers are a delicious side and look pretty on the buffet table. Many of these savory dishes can be made ahead of time so you can enjoy dining with your guests.


Balance out the heavier dishes with platters of beautiful fruit! Not only do these recipes taste delicious, they add gorgeous color to your buffet table. Make sure to use fruits that are in season – melons and berries in the summertime, pomegranates and pineapple in the later months. These fruit recipes look so pretty and are easy to prepare.

Drinks for a Brunch

When hosting a larger gathering, you might want to have a separate station or table designated for drinks. Make your serving area easy to access with pre-poured glasses of punch, mocktails or orange juice. You can also have beverage dispensers handy so guests can serve themselves. For a smaller group, a glass pitcher of your beverage on the table will be enough.

  • Smoothies – We have several different delicious smoothies, make your favorite flavor or try them all.
  • Orange Julius -This copycat drink tastes just like the one you used to get in the mall.
  • Sparkling Punch – A fizzy, fruity drink that is perfect for summer.
  • Hot Chocolate Bar – Hot chocolate with a full bar of creams and toppings.
  • Mojito Mocktails – These sparkling non-alcoholic drinks are perfectly refreshing.
  • Tropical Slush – Made with pineapple, coconut, and lime. The perfect thirst-quencher for a hot summer day.
  • Holiday Punch – Cranberries, raspberries, lime, and mint flavors create a festive drink your guests will love.
  • Wassail – Filled with citrus flavors and hints of cinnamon and clove.

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Brunch Desserts Ideas

If your brunch buffet is heavy on the sweet dishes, you may not need a designated dessert. to finish off the meal. However, it’s fun to offer your guests a little something sweet, especially if more of your recipes have been on the savory side. Toward the end of the meal, treat your guests to a tray of chocolate covered strawberries, fresh lemon bars or, for a fall spread, a slice of rich carrot cake.  You can always offer something little to your guests as they leave: a bowl of homemade butter mints by the door, a beautifully decorated sugar cookie in a cellophane bag to hand each guest. 

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